Starfield:New Game Plus

New Game Plus is accessed by completing the main game and choosing to enter the Unity. You will appear in a new universe above Vectera. You will have a new version of One Small Step, which will simply point you towards meeting up with Constellation at the Lodge. You can choose to repeat the Main Mission again, or skip the majority of it and just go grab the Artifacts quickly. You can also prevent some negative events from the Main Mission in New Game, such as the death of a companion.

What you will have at the start of New Game PlusEdit

  • A Starborn spacesuit, see below for details.
  • Some credits. How many?
  • The Frontier.
  • A Starborn Guardian, see below for details.
  • Your level and xp.
  • Skills and unspent skill points.
  • Your progess in skill challenges.
  • Your research including progress towards projects.

Unity IterationsEdit

Each time you go through the unity and start a New Game Plus you will have a new variant of the Starborn spacesuit and Starborn Guardian.

Starborn Spacesuit and Starborn Guardian per Unity iteration
Iteration Starborn Spacesuit variant Starborn Guardian variant
1 Astra I
2 Materia II
3 Locus III
4 Tenebris IV
5 Solis V
6 Gravitas VI
7 Bellum (?)
8 Tempus (?)
9 Avitus (?)
10 Venator (?)
10+ (?) (?)

Alternate UniversesEdit

There is a random chance that the next universe the player winds up in varies from the original one. Listed below are some of the major differences players may notice upon arrival at the Lodge.

Name Mission Image Description
Vasco MQ401a When entering the Lodge, you open the door and find Vasco standing there alone. You speak with him and he is surprised to see you, as you had previously died along with all the other Constellation members when the Hunter murdered them all. He is very happy to see you and gladly just hands you the Artifacts and states that he must remain in the lodge, as it is his place to be.
Hello Me MQ401b
The other you standing with the rest of Constellation.
You enter the Lodge and find the group gathered around the artifacts as usual, but there is an extra person there. You. You have a dialogue with the other you and then Sarah chimes in with the normal dialogue options for NG+. You then can recruit yourself as a companion/Crew (not romanceable).
All of you, All of me. MQ401c
You, me and more me.
Oh boy, it's just a party in here. You enter the Lodge and find a whole group of alternate versions of yourself. Each one seems focused on a particular path or faction choice that you could have made through the various universes you have traveled. After some amusing dialogue options, they just hand you the Artifacts and let you go on your way, unsure of what happened to the Constellation crew in this universe.
House Va'ruun MQ401d
House Va'ruun has taken over the Lodge. She looks mad.
You find yourself face to face with a very fanatical version of Andreja. Va'ruun Zealots has killed off the other Constellation members and now wants to kill you. If you have the Serpent's Embrace perk, she then apologizes to you and just hands you the artifacts. If you do not have the perk, then you will have to fight and kill them before looting the artifacts and a slate off her corpse.
Walter MQ401e
Walter, with a gun... oh no.
Walter greets you with a gun and some Ecliptic mercs. Apparently an alternate version of Walter had become Starborn and proceeded to inform his counterpart in this universe to buy the Lodge and acquire the Artifacts. He will want to negotiate for the sale of the Artifacts and the charts gathered by Constellation. You will have the option to come back later, pay  100,000, or attack them, looting the Artifacts from Walter's corpse.
The Hunter MQ401f
The Hunter playing a new game.
Constellation members are gone (or dead). You find yourself face-to-face with the Hunter. He remarks on how happy he is that your moving through Unity has caused things to change and hands you the Artifacts and charts happily, hopeful to see what you do next.
Vengeful Cora Coe MQ401g
A grown-up, Starborn Cora Coe and hired Spacers
In this universe, instead of meeting with Constellation (which fell apart while they were starting to collect the Artifacts) at the Lodge, the player finds a Starborn Cora Coe in the library, flanked by hired Spacers. She explains that she has been hunting for the player, seeking vengeance for her father who their version of the player let die during High Price to Pay.

If the player did not let Sam Coe die in any of their prior runs, they can tell Cora that she has the wrong version of the player. Angry that she has the wrong Starborn, she gives the player the Artifacts she has collected so far—as well as a slate with the remaining Artifact locations—and tells the player to leave. If the player did let Sam die, or if the player chooses to attack instead, the player must fight Cora and the Spacers to retrieve the Artifacts.

You Monster MQ401h
Sarah on the floor, hurt. That looks painful.
You see Sarah on the floor, not having the best moment of her life. She is angry at you, calling you a monster and telling you that you choked Barrett to death for the Artifacts. Then you meet yourself, an evil version who clearly decided to go the genocide route and you are next on the hit list. They attack you and are not exactly a pushover either. Once they are dead, loot their corpse and move on.
The Children MQ401i
Children playing the role of the missing Constellation members
When entering the Lodge, you open the door and find that there is a group of children playing the roles of various Constellation members. They inform you that they do not know where the original members have gone, but that there is a note for you from Sarah. The note reads "To Whoever Finds This, Constellation is stepping out into the unknown, We don't know when, or if, we'll return. We leave the Lodge, the Eye, and everything in to you, our last member, to continue humanity's search for answers in the stars. -Sarah Morgan"
Retired Constellation MQ401j
Retired Constellation
When the player enters the Lodge, it seems empty at first. There is a potted plant labeled "Sarah Morgan" on one of the tables (the one which usually has Constellation Guide 01). Interacting with the potted plant starts a dialogue in which the player can reflect on Constellation or speak to the plant, in one case addressing it as Sarah Morgan and referencing an alternate universe with talking plants.

At this point, Noel appears and informs the player that everyone else already retired, providing them with the Artifacts Constellation recovered and the Artifacts location. She also invites you to visit the Lodge or the (empty) Eye at any time.

Dialogue UsageEdit

As Starborn, you can use your unique perspective from other universes to your advantage:

  • I felt exactly the same as the last time this happened.
  • I believe them to be entities from beyond normal space and time.
  • That's right before you lost your father.
  • I'm confident this journey will help you exorcise your demons.
  • The UC awarded you a medal for a reason.
  • If it's some sort of "to-do list," I wouldn't worry so much.
  • You must be referring to Aja.
  • Absolutely. I've weighed all the options, more than once.
  • I can assure you, no matter what happens, we WILL meet again.
  • There are things in play here that are well beyond your understanding.
  • Humans have more in common with the Starborn than you suspect.
  • In comparison to the vastness of the multiverse, this decision was inconsequential.
  • Let me guess. You're worried that I've done "irreparable damage" to the United Colonies.
  • He's clearly an authority figure in your life. Like a father.
  • Don't lie to me, or yourself. You love your son. You're going to help him.
  • You have bigger things to worry about. The Ashta won't be far away now.
  • You barely know where he went. Now stop wasting our time.
  • Everything that was will be born again. Including you.
  • This won't be the last time Barrett escapes the Crimson Fleet. He always gets away. You know that.
  • Your captain is a blundering ego-maniac. He always wants visitors.
  • This ship is full of showy mercs who make reckless entrances. This can't be new for you.
  • You're someone who wants to be admired. Deep down you want to show off the Artifact.
  • Listen to me, Vladimir. The Starborn are going to attack. We have to move the Artifacts before they kill one of us.
  • Once this is all over, you'll know exactly why you brought me on.
  • You know we can't do that. We're in this search until the end.
  • The bartender will know where he is. Bartenders always know.
  • I already have the coordinates to Ervin's last work assignment.
  • I know you want to testify. Just ask the question you want to ask. About Ervin.
  • There really is an epiphany out there. I know it for a fact.
  • Oh, I'm quite familiar with the church. Re-read that recently, in fact.
  • I'm very familiar with your church, but I confess I don't recall the details of that writing.
  • And here's the part where you reveal who you really are.
  • I really, really missed you guys.
  • I know you will go into hiding if I ask you to. So no more words, Keeper. Go. Live.
  • It doesn't matter. Next universe you can just do it yourself if you don't trust me.
  • Maybe you joined Constellation in some other universe.
  • This path ends one of two ways - you stop what you've been doing or you die. Choose wisely.
  • I am aware of how the Temple works, Hunter.
  • I know.
  • Oh I'm ready. It's everyone else who isn't.
  • I will punish you for a thousand lifetimes if you don't turn over the data NOW!
  • I'll find him. After all, Mr. Maksimov is as much a victim in this as anyone.
  • I had a feeling things were going to work out for him.
  • Nope, it's still bad news.
  • You've no idea what I'm about to find out.
  • I found those lost items. Same places they were last time.
  • You are the one that I choose, Barrett.
  • I promise to always be there.
  • The answer is the same: I do.
  • I still do, Barrett.
  • In this instance, I do.
  • No, I was nervous the first time but not this time.
  • I promise now and forever, Barrett.
  • I will love you beyond the end of the Universe.
  • These powers are a means to an end. We get them as we need them.
  • Sometimes we get more than a brief moment.
  • We've been through more than you realize, Barrett.
  • It looks like you've got something on your mind.
  • [Commitment] My heart cannot wait any longer to ask you to be my husband, Barrett.
  • [Commitment] Barrett, I've waited to ask you this for so long... will you marry me, my love?
  • If they're quiet, we'll send over coordinates to an empty mine later.
  • He sent you an encrypted message, but you know that.
  • I assume Ervin's messages had a secret message.
  • This is going to be an awkward conversation.
  • You would have been pretty unhappy if I killed the Emissary again.
  • I know it was traumatic to watch another death. I'm sorry.
  • We will be united again one day, I'm sure of it.
  • It's okay. I remembered for the both of us.
  • If one is truly fortunate, they change the ones around them as much as they are changed by them.
  • Maybe things turned out differently in another universe.
  • I trust Constellation.
  • This part always hurts. No matter how many times I must do this, it is never easier.
  • I know you are, Barrett. And I also know that this could not have been prevented, only altered.
  • The motives behind the Starborn would make no sense to you.
  • When the Starborn wish to be studied, I am certain a Starborn will reveal themselves to you.
  • We need more information before we start guessing about what they are.
  • The details of the experience will become more clear with time.
  • Over time its purpose will become apparent. You'll see.
  • It's complicated, Barrett. I'm sorry it doesn't seem right, but it was.
  • I mean, give me some time. I'm working on it.
  • You should have seen the look on your face.
  • The Hunter will burn for what he's done here.
  • I already know that Barrett. I knew that before it even happened.
  • Memory is malleable just as our actions.
  • I was nervous about it myself, but it gets easier.
  • We won't let that happen.
  • To no end.
  • Leave it to humanity to bring red tape to the stars.
  • It was a means to an end. Nothing more.
  • This doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.
  • [Attack] You will betray me no matter what I do. Let's get this over with.
  • I guarantee we can take the Spacers out. I've done it before.
  • Don't worry, Imogene. I believe.
  • You have no idea -- the things I know, and the things I can do.
  • That's definitely not a coincidence.
  • I had a feeling you were going to ask me to do this.
  • Myeong can be trusted. I guarantee it.
  • Vae Victis' intentions will become clear. I'm sure of it. But for now, yes, we can play along.
  • I have a feeling you know as well as I do that Imogene didn't do this.
  • I know your secrets, François. Tell me the truth about the attacks and I might spare you.
  • We'll have our answer soon enough. You have my word.
  • You want to repay me, and you'd like me to deliver a letter to your sister.
  • I've lost you here before. Protect yourself at all costs. I will take care of the Ashta.
  • The sooner you start trusting Keoni the better. You'll see.
  • I know how to deal with Huan, I've done it before.
  • I know you're going to let me have the ship after I convince you to say it was destroyed.
  • I know you don't want to harm her. We can resolve this and reunite the two of you.
  • You don't have to interview me. Together we're going to make everyone's lives better. You'll see.
  • Can't say how I know, but you're going to end up dead if you don't put down the gun.
  • Hank stole the equipment. Don't ask how I know, but it was definitely Hank.
  • I know you're just going to turn on me when we get there. Let's cut to the chase.
  • You don't have to pretend like it's going to work, I know it is.
  • Sounds good. Let me guess. The computer password is "password" spelled backwards.
  • I'm your new assistant. You want me to go get your package, then answer your emails.
  • I know about your ambush, pirate. I'm coming aboard to talk, and I'm ready for you.
  • Yeah, Yannick, you have so outfoxed Bayu. Keep telling yourself that.
  • I've thought it over, more times than you know.
  • I'm not worried. I know exactly who I am, and who I will become.
  • Oh, don't worry. I'm sure we'll meet again someday.
  • We'll see them again soon enough.
  • There are so many bigger things going on right now. Let's just move on.
  • You can say that again.
  • Don't worry. Nothing is going to change between us.
  • You'll tell me when you're ready, and it'll be fine.
  • It's always good to work with old friends.
  • Finding the artifacts is very, very important to me personally.
  • I have a feeling Space Frog is going to catch on in more than just Cydonia.
  • Sorry. I've already taken your tour. You couldn't teach me something new if you tried.
  • I've done this enough to know the sauce is mostly for you. It's fine.
  • I'm going to help you, just maybe not as often as last time.
  • Don't worry, François. We'll be seeing each other again soon.
  • I can do it, but that ship was brought down by Heatleeches. The crew's dead.
  • I'm just here because you seem like someone who's really into Dragonstar Force.
  • You're sick and need help, but I'm sure there's a very good reason you can't get it.
  • You're doing psychological evaluations on your employees and you could use some help.
  • I assume you want to know you can trust me first.
  • I'll bring you the Heart of Mars. Try not to act too surprised when I return.
  • You say that every time.
  • Nothing you're about to say will surprise me, so let's just get on with it.
  • I'm from another universe. I've seen all of this before.
  • I'm shifting to an alternate universe.
  • I can tell you exactly what's happening.
  • Your experiment is causing this. The probe is creating distortions.
  • You were experimenting on an Artifact.
  • Take me to the Director, and I can explain everything.
  • I need to shut this down before it gets any worse.
  • I'm fine. I knew it would work.
  • I've come to collect the Artifact.
  • I know about the experiment. The accident. Rafael. Everything.
  • My choice determines my reality. I know.
  • I'm going to save everyone.
  • In this other universe, the accident sparked a fire. Rafael survived.
  • It's complicated. I'm not going to argue with you.
  • I'm shifting between universes. It's a side effect of your experiment.
  • When I do, set it back to 91.
  • All right. Whatever you say.
  • I have to shut down the experiment.
  • Let's get started. Set the probe to 89 Teravolts.
  • If I remember correctly, there is a Sanctum story about a Unity Pilgrim. You know which one I mean.
  • I already know the situation. It's a colony ship, and they claim this planet is theirs.
  • I can solve your problem with Paradiso, but you're probably not going to like the result.
  • Save us the song and dance. They're colonists from Earth. I know what we need to do.
  • Oh! I know the recipe! It's... Actually, I may need to go get it for you again.
  • This time I've got the recipe for sure, it's... damn. Okay, need to find it again.
  • Okay, the recipe is... You know what? I'm never going to remember this damn recipe.
  • For real this time. I know the recipe. Let me write it down for you.
  • That guy? Don't worry. There's nothing too difficult about him. I'll take care of it.
  • It might take a day, or some technical know-how but I'll get your purifier parts.
  • It's not my first interrogation either. In fact, I had one right here.
  • It feels like we've been traveling together forever.
  • I would choose you time and time again, Sam. I love you.
  • In this game, some times you lose. Some times you win. It's complicated.
  • I remember I was surprised. Kind of funny to think about now.
  • He's been beaten before. He will be beaten again.
  • I just wish there was a way to stop him. For good.
  • The Hunter needs to understand that life, no matter where or when, is sacred. He's a monster.
  • They are a lot realer than you think.
  • I wanted to see what happens different if I helped the Fleet.
  • Don't worry, it'll all work out. The answers will come in time.
  • I wondered when you'd get around to talking about Lillian.
  • There may be a version of us out there somewhere where she lived. I wonder what that's like.
  • I am. It's understandable you're confused. If I were in your shoes, I would be too.
  • I know, you're not used to seeing new people.
  • I'll convince Brackenridge to let you go. She'll cave, I know it.
  • I know it sounds crazy, but I know I can convince the Paradiso Group to forgive your debt.
  • The person behind this will face justice, and sooner than he expects.
  • Done your homework, huh? Good, that'll save us both some time.
  • Trust me, I already know everything that I need to.
  • It's difficult to explain their motivations, but they have their reasons.
  • Trust me. It's not just for show. They mean business.
  • The board will approve this. I'll happily eat my own words if they don't.
  • We both know you're willing to tone down your design, so let's skip the negotiation and move on.
  • Franklin! It's so good to be back in Crucible.
  • I'm guessing it's a bank robbery that went sideways, and now they've got hostages.
  • I know you're hiding Walker. I'll deal with his debt if you'll put us in contact.
  • [Give Slate] Believe me. It was.
  • I've already killed you once. Don't make me do it again.
  • Quantum will regret working with Infinity LTD soon enough.
  • I know what it is you want - oversight. Monitors will observe all research. Now give me my code.
  • The Archives are fated to be opened. Support our cause and do what you know is right.
  • Here I am. Again.
  • I've lived this moment before. This might not even be the last time.
  • Maybe I'll see you soon. In the next universe. Alive and well, like nothing happened.
  • I've sided with you in the past, and I didn't like the result.
  • You did. And you would have had the seller followed. Now tell me where he is.
  • My meeting will have unexpected guests. Your officers can prevent anyone else from getting hurt.
  • We know you stole the Artifact from Slayton. His agents on already on their way. Sell. Quickly.
  • You're just a pawn in Slayton's game to slow us down. He expects to meet us face to face.
  • You know who we are. Slayton is waiting for us in his executive office on the top floor.
  • There's only one place this ends.
  • No. Not again...
  • There's literally zero doubt in my mind that I can do this job.
  • High and mighty. That sounds about right.


  • On some alternate universe you will be locked out of saving or even acessing your inventory. There are two main ways to circumvent this: ?
    • Load a save from before you enter the Unity and lose progress.
    •   Use the following console command SetInCharGen 0 0 0. Note that this will disable your achievements.