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SF-qico-UC Vanguard.svg
Sign up for the UC Vanguard.
Mission Giver: Commander John Tuala
Location(s): MAST Tower
ID: UC01
XP: 250
Credits ?: Conditional
Other Rewards: None
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Grunt Work
The road to 2330, as the UC wants it remembered

Official Summary[edit]

"The player has signed up to take the entrance exam of the Vanguard, the UC's civilian fleet. The player has to go through two tests - Adaptability (a series of obstacle courses) and Ship Piloting (which takes place inside a simulator)."

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Commander Tuala.
    1. (Optional) View all the museum exhibits.
  2. Complete three waves of combat simulation.
    1. (Optional) Access the debug console.
    2. (Optional) Complete up to three additional waves of combat simulation.
  3. Return to Tuala.


After accepting Commander Tuala's recruitment pitch, you must go through a basic orientation and exam. This will determine both how long the road to UC citizenship is and how big your first paycheck will be.

Acing your Fighter Ace Exam[edit]

After talking to Tuala, head down the elevator to the Vanguard Orientation Hall. Quick head over to a terminal at Recruit Registration to sign up and begin the examination, the go through Orientation Hall. In order to get a perfect score you want to listen to every showcase, or just press the button and continue on to the next one. After you either take in the history of the United Colonies or ran down the hall pressing buttons, ride the elevator down to the piloting simulator. Down there head towards the end towards a large room with two pods. Below the pod to your left you find a vanguard technician at work. A bit past them you see their yellow tool trolley from which you can pick up Simulator Admin Systems Keycard. Head up the left of the two staircases ahead to simulator one to begin your piloting test. Talking to Exam Proctor Samuelson will give you a hint that you can and are encouraged to cheat during the test. In front of simulator two you can find a fellow vanguard applicant who would like to quit working at TerraBrew.

Once in the pod, sit down in the piloting chair to begin, after a few seconds AI ships should appear and start attacking. You can either immediately exit the chair and head to the debug panel to cheat or just destroy them. If you have a simulator admin systems keycard or advanced security skill you should hack into the advanced debug options allowing you to cheat without limit. Doing so will grant you an ally, improved shields, and improved weapons. Return to your seat and begin dogfighting the AI ships. Cheating will make the test easier but not assured. In order to get the highest possible score you will still need to complete all 6 rounds.

After either destroying all 6 waves of enemies or gracefully accepting defeat, leave the simulator and return to Tuala. He will evaluate you based on your actions during both the orientation and the simulator. Pushing every button in the hall gets you a bonus point. Just accessing the debug panel will get you another. From there you are judged based on the results of the simulator. Should you do all of the bonus objectives and manage to defeat every enemy you will get both a giant sack of money and be awarded with a drastically shortened path to citizenship.

Making it official[edit]

After reviewing your results Commander Tuala asks you if you want to join the UC Vanguard. If you do he takes you outside for a brief ceremony. Follow him and swear you oath. After this you get your probationary mission.

Credit Reward[edit]

The credit reward for this mission is contingent to your performance in the simulator:

Player earned the best signing bonus from their exam performance.
Player got the second best signing bonus from their exam (set from being a vet or a score of 5 on the exam).
Player got the lowest signing bonus. Set from using a debug option or beating four tiers.
Player got the third best result - 4+ kills in the Sim or found one secret path.
Player got the lowest signing bonus. Set from using a debug option or beating four tiers.

Plus an additional Credit.png1,000 if you are UC Native.

Mission Stages[edit]

Supra et Ultra (UC01)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
1(DEBUG: Jump player to the Registration Terminal)
2(DEBUG: Jump player to the Orientation Hall)
3(DEBUG: Jump the player to the Adaptability Exam)
4(DEBUG: Jump the player to pre-piloting exam)
5(DEBUG: Move player into Sim Ship)
6(DEBUG: Jump the player to the final scene with Tuala)
7(DEBUG: Jump the player right to the Stealth Course)
11(DEBUG: Drop the player out of the Ship Sim)
100(Player has been directed to use the registration terminal. Set from a trigger near the entrance of the cell.)
Step one of joining the Vanguard - register at one of the terminals in the Orientation Hall inside MAST.
200(Player registered. Direct them to the Orientation Hall.)
I've registered for the Vanguard. I can now either explore the United Colonies "Orientation" displays or head straight to the exam.
211(DEBUG: Player activated the first display. Throw the message box.)
280(Player heard second to last orientation entry. This unlocks dialogue with Bea in Sector B)
299(Player entered trigger at entrance to the Vanguard course area. If they haven't completed objective 200, remove it)
300(Player listened to the last item in the Orientation Hall. Have them continue to the exam room.)
I've listened to the specified United Colonies Orientation displays. Now I can either keep exploring the hall or take on the exam itself.
301(Player entered prep room. Pop the "Resupply" objective (and play the scene once we're able). Triggered from Trigger 301)
302(Player activated the weapons locker. Give the player their equipment and complete the objective.)
303(Player activated the medkit locker. Check to see if the weapons locker has also been activated. If so, complete the objective.NOTE: TTP# 28225 - this needs better completion criteria in the future (the player emptying the container))
304(Player has accessed weapons locker and the medkit. Complete the "Collect stuffs" objective)
305(Player approached Bea. Trigger her scene.)
306(Player started Bea's scene. Close out her objective)
307(Player selected Bea's first question loop. Unlock the others.)
308(Player asked Bea about support. Unlock the two skill checks.)
309(Player heard Bea's initial spiel on Sector B. This unlocks the special option to ask Bea for a secret path through Sector B.)
310(Player entered the Adaptability Exam proper. Play the intro scene)
320(Player has activated the button for Sector A. This is used to clear out that objective marker)
325(BREAK THE SIM: Player broke the sim for Sector A. Set from the destruction state of the main power cable above Sector A.)
330(Player has activated the button for Sector B. This is used to clear out that objective marker)
331(Player approached the trigger around Sector B. Have a line play.)
340(Player has activated the button for Sector C. This is used to clear out that objective marker)
345(BREAK THE SIM: Sector C. Player entered the trigger near the top of the hidden stair case in Sector C)
348(Player killed Bea after the course was completely done. Used to track dialogue in Tuala's scene.)
349(Bea was killed. Fail her objective.)
350(Player got to the part where Bea told them all about the Leeches, but they haven't accepted yet)
355(Player gets Bea to attack them.)
360(Player agreed to kill all the Leeches for Bea)
362(Player killed all the Leeches on condensor 01. Check the others and advance if they're done.)
364(Player killed all the Leeches on condensor 02. Check the others and advance if they're done.)
366(Player killed all the Leeches on condensor 03. Check the others and advance if they're done.)
370(Player successfully wiped out the Leeches)
371(Player unlocked Bea's friendly scene by telling them all the leeches are gone. Direct them there in the future.)
375(Player asked Bea for help with the exam in the "good solution" scene. Unlock those dialogue options)
377(Bea offered to hit the switch in Sector B for them in the friendly scene. Open up that option in dialogue.)
380(Player unlocked the "debug mode" for Bea. Unlock that scene. Also counted as the "Breaking the Sim" approach for Sector B.)
390(Player directed Bea to go activate the Sector B switch for them.)
395(Bea arrived at the Sector B door. Open it and get her walking towards it.)
399(Player chose to bypass the adaptabilty exam. Let them proceed.)
I chose to bypass the exam, rather than finish it completely. We'll see how that affects my final score.
400(Player cleared all three releases. Let them proceed.)
I found all three Sector Releases and completed the exam. Now it's on to the next one.
401(Stage set from stage 399 and 400 to set the adaptability exam into the "done" state (used on package/dialogue conditions, etc.))
405(Player hit trigger before entering Pilot's Exam hall. Play the scene.)
406(P3: Unlocks some a hello for the Proctor after the player asks about "winning the exam" in his TL's)
410(Player entered the Piloting Simulation Chamber.)
All right. Exam time. Sounds like I need to enter one of the piloting simulation chambers to kick things off.
420(Player found the calibration system (set from the UC01_DebugRockAliasScript). Used to adjust Tuala's wrap-up dialogue)
425(P3: Player hacked into the high-end debug systems. Set from the UC01 sim diagnostic terminals and used to change dialogue in Tuala's wrap up scene)
450(Player has sat in the piloting seat. Move them into the sim.)
500(Player started the sim. The pilot's chair itself will move them into space.)
590(Player started the ship sim. When they come back, progress this quest.)
Sounds like I'll need to take down at least three tiers of enemies in order to pass the piloting exam. Time to show the Vanguard what I've got.
599(P3: Player hit the trigger just outside the simulator after passing. Trigger the proctor's scene.)
600(Player exited the sim. Start the final scene and direct them back to Tuala. Set from player alias script.)
Success! I passed the Vanguard piloting exam! Time to speak to Commander Tuala to figure out what comes next.
601(P3: Player hit the CF player dialogue option in Tuala's wrap up scene. If they drop out, get 'em back there.)
602(P3: Player hit the 1st proper player dialogue option in Tuala's wrap up scene. If they drop out, get 'em back there.)
603(P3: Player started into the actual score review. Get 'em back in there if they get kicked out.)
605(PASS 2.5: Player told Tuala they're a vet. This'll open up a signing bonus later on)
610(Player finished the Adaptability section of Tuala's wrap-up)
620(Player finished the Piloting Section of Tuala's wrap-up)
630(Player finished both the exam results with Tuala, but hasn't hit the oath yet. Used to get them back to that section of the quest if they bail)
640(Player earned the best signing bonus from their exam performance.)
641(Player got the best result on the exam - acing the Pilot's Exam.)
642(Player got the second best result on the exam - finding 2+ secret solutions.)
643(Player got the third best result - 4+ kills in the Sim or found one secret path)
644(Player got second to last result - 4+ kills or 1 secret path, but killed Bea)
645(Worst result. Killed only 3 ships and found no secret paths.)
646(P3: Player got the second best signing bonus from their exam (set from being a vet or a score of 5 on the exam))
647(P3: Player got the lowest signing bonus. Set from using a debug option or beating four tiers.)
650(P3: Player agreed to take their oath. Get Tuala headed to the oath spot.)
Apparently there's an oath I need to take before I can start working with the Vanguard. Commander Tuala said I should follow him so he can administer it.
660(P3: Tuala arrives at the destination location. Direct the player to speak to him again.)
I should speak to Commander Tuala so I can officially start working for the Vanguard.
661(P3: Player hit got halfway through the oath. Get 'em back there.)
662(P3: Player hit the player dialogue choice in the oath. Get 'em back there if they drop out)
670(P3: Player completed their oath.)
690(P2: Player started the pre-oath scene. Get 'em back there if they bail out.)
691(Player bailed just before accepting the oath.)
692(Player bailed from the oath scene right before the end. Set from the end fragment of scene 606 and used to condition out one the dialogue options.)
693(Tuala gives the player their Vanguard uniform.)
694(Player started Tuala's final wrap up scene (607))
695(Player left right before getting their first Vanguard assignment. Direct them back to that part of the conversation.)
  • Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g., <Alias=LocationHold>) is dynamically set by the Radiant Mission system, and will be filled in with the appropriate word(s) when seen in game.
  • Not all entries may appear in your log; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the mission is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with missions that have multiple possible outcomes or missions where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.
  • If an entry is marked as "Finishes Mission" it means the mission disappears from the Active Mission list, but you may still receive new entries for that mission.
  • On the PC, it is possible to use the console to advance through the mission by entering setstage UC01 stage, where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) mission stages, but it is possible to clear all stages of the mission using resetquest UC01.
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