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This is a project to try to fill out all information about missions.

All quests should have the following:

  • Basic Information: This includes reward, location(s), description, giver, Next/Previous mission
  • Image: The image for the quest
  • Quick Walkthrough: A short bullet point walkthrough of the major mission stages
  • Walkthrough: An expanded walkthrough, in paragraph form, of the mission.
  • Links: Links to this mission from any location, NPC, item, or ship this mission touches.

To add a mission to this tracker, add this to the top of its page:


To mark a check as complete, add a link to your user page, such as below. Note that the username here does not indicate that you added the info (although you could have), but just that you checked that it was there. Feel free to mark something as complete even if you did not write it.


Once all checks have a user name next to them, the mission is marked as complete. This does not indicate that more information can not be added, or is all information accurate, but just that a baseline amount of information is present.

Mission Tracker[edit]

Type Mission Done Basic Info Image Quick WT Walkthrough Links
New Atlantis A Break at Dawn
UC Vanguard A Legacy Forged
New Atlantis A Light in the Darkness
Ryujin Industries A New Narrative
New Atlantis A Parting Gift
New Atlantis A Shipment for Salinas
New Atlantis A Tree Grows in New Atlantis
Crimson Fleet Absolute Power
Ryujin Industries Access is Key
Ryujin Industries Accidents Happen
Main Mission All That Money Can Buy
Neon All for One
New Atlantis Alternating Currents
Main Mission Among the Stars
New Atlantis An Invitation (mission)
UC Vanguard Apex Predator (Base)
Main Mission Back to Vectera
Ryujin Industries Back to the Grind
Ryujin Industries Background Checks
Balancing the Books
Neon Missions Bare Metal
New Atlantis Beautiful Secrets
Companion Missions Breach of Contract
Crimson Fleet Breaking the Bank
Crimson Fleet Burden of Proof
New Atlantis Coffee Run
Companion Missions Commitment: Andreja
Companion Missions Commitment: Barrett
Companion Missions Commitment: Sam Coe
Companion Missions Commitment: Sarah Morgan
Main Mission Companion's Belongings
Crimson Fleet Deep Cover
UC Vanguard Delivering Devils
Freestar Rangers Deputized
Neon Dirty Laundry
Companion Missions Divided Loyalties
Crimson Fleet Doctor's Orders
Crimson Fleet Echoes of the Past
Main Mission Entangled
Ryujin Industries Executive Level
Crimson Fleet Eye of the Storm
UC Vanguard Eyewitness
Main Mission Final Glimpses
Freestar Rangers First to Fight, First to Die
Main Mission Foreknowledge
UC Vanguard Friends Like These
Main Mission Further Into the Unknown
UC Vanguard Grunt Work
Ryujin Industries Guilty Parties
Ryujin Industries Missions Hack TargetLocation
Main Mission High Price to Pay
UC Vanguard Hostile Intelligence
Companion Missions In Memoriam
Main Mission In Their Footsteps
Main Mission Infinity's End
Main Mission Into the Unknown
Freestar Rangers Job Gone Wrong
Late Bloomer
Crimson Fleet Legacy's End (Fleet)
Crimson Fleet Legacy's End (Sys Def)
Ryujin Industries Maintaining the Edge
Ryujin Industries Managing Assets
Companion Missions Matters of the Hart
Main Mission Missed Beyond Measure
Main Mission No Sudden Moves
New Atlantis Olive Branch
Freestar Rangers On the Run
Main Mission One Giant Leap
Freestar Rangers One Riot, One Ranger
Main Mission One Small Step
Ryujin Industries One Step Ahead
Out On a Limb
Ryujin Industries Missions Plant Evidence at TargetLocation
Main Mission Power from Beyond
UC Vanguard Preventive Action
Crimson Fleet Reclaiming the Past
Freestar Rangers Rescue hostage at TargetPlanetLocation
Main Mission Revelation
Crimson Fleet Rook Meets King
Ryujin Industries Sabotage
Ryujin Industries Missions Sabotage TargetLocation
Freestar Rangers Shadows in Neon
Main Mission Short Sighted
Ryujin Industries Sowing Discord
Main Mission Starborn (Main Quest)
UC Vanguard Supra et Ultra
Freestar Rangers Surgical Strike
New Atlantis Tapping the Grid
Crimson Fleet The Best There Is
UC Vanguard The Devils You Know
Main Mission The Empty Nest
Freestar Rangers The Hammer Falls
Ryujin Industries The Key Ingredient
Main Mission The Old Neighborhood
Ryujin Industries The Power of Persuasion
Ryujin Industries Top Secrets
Main Mission Unearthed
Main Mission Unity
UC Vanguard Vanguard: Bug Hunt
UC Vanguard Vanguard: Safer Skies
UC Vanguard War Relics
Freestar Rangers Where Hope is Built
Companion Missions Worlds Apart