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Steal a prototype schematic from Trident Luxury Lines.
Mission Giver: Imogene Salzo
Location(s): Neon, Ryujin Tower, Trident Luxury Lines Staryard
XP: 100
Credits ?: (?) The credit reward may be reduced per performance plus Credit.png500 if you are Neon SR
Other Rewards: Some aid items from a leveled list
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Official Summary[edit]

"Go on a mission for Imogene Salzo to steal something from Trident Luxury Lines, a competitor of one of Ryujin's subsidiaries, Taiyo Astroneering."

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Imogene Salzo.
  2. Travel to Trident Luxury Lines Staryard orbiting Akila in the Cheyenne System.
  3. Steal the Prototype Schematic.
  4. Return to Imogene.
  5. Speak with Ularu.


Imogene informs you about the result of Sowing Discord. Your next assignment is to steal a prototype engine schematic from Trident Luxury Lines at their staryard. As always, imogene wants discretion.

Travel to Trident Luxury Lines Staryard orbiting Akila in the Cheyenne System. You need to access a crate in a locked room in Trident's office area. From your docking bay walk straight ahead until Jia Chen's desk is to your left. Now you have two options:

  • Less sneaky: Turn right and go east through a passage labeled 'Authorized personnel only' and down four flights of stairs. Turn to the right and you can see the a door across a cubicle. Go over there and you can see a crate through some shutters. You can close those shutters for extra sneakyness but it is not necessary. The door is locked with novice security level. Crouch down, wait until you are hidden and pick the lock. Go inside and pick the chest.
  • More sneaky: Go ahead, past the Freestar Collective Security guard on your right. Walk through the orange door to your right and open the vent ahead. The vent is locked with expert security level. Jump down into the shaft. You will end up in front of a grate. You can pick the chest from here.

The chest is locked with novice security level. Take the Prototype Schematic out and leave the same way you got in. If you want to talk to the designer of the schematics, you can find Gladys Coffin in the office area in front of the room you took the schematics from.

Return to Imogene at Ryujin Tower who takes schematics off your hands. Ularu wants to see you, therefore Imogene upgraded your security level so you can access the executive floor and research and development floor. Imogene will join you after she has delivered the schematics to Veena.

Mission Stages[edit]

Maintaining the Edge (RIR05)
Stage Finishes Mission Mission Entry
0(Debug Stage - Imogene Start - RIR04 Transition)
1(Debug Stage - Imogene Start - No transition)
2(Debug Stage - Masako Start)
10(Start Quest)
100(QO: Talk to Masako)
I was told Masako wants to see me. I need to go to the Executive Offices floor of Ryujin Tower and find out what she wants.
101(Imogene - Scene re-entry 1)
102(Imogene - Scene re-entry 2)
103(Imogene - Scene re-entry 3)
104(Imogene - Scene re-entry 4)
110(Give bonus stage - See Rewards)
150(QO: Travel to Location on Planet)
I need to travel to (?) on (?) in the (?) System in order to obtain the prototype schematic.
155(QO: Travel to Location on Starstation)
I need to travel to Trident Luxury Lines Staryard orbiting Akila in the Cheyenne System in order to obtain the prototype schematic.
200(QO: Obtain the Schematic)
I've been tasked with obtaining a prototype schematic at Trident Luxury Liners Staryard. Ideally, I need to find a way to get it without getting caught.
300(QO: Return to Masako at Ryujin Tower)
I obtained the prototype schematic at Trident Luxury Liners Staryard. I need to return to Masako at her office in Ryujin Tower to hand it over.
310(Remove schematic)
9000(Calculate Rewards)
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