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Starfield's Main Mission (also known as the Constellation storyline) involves researching the nature of mysterious artifacts, as well as investigating what happened to Earth.[1]

The game starts on May 7, 2330, with the player at the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost on Vectera. After interacting with a mysterious Artifact, you get invited to join Constellation to further investigate it, and hopefully learn the truth behind your visions.

Main Missions[edit]

  1. SF-qico-Constellation.svgOne Small Step: You have experienced strange visions after handling a mysterious Artifact...
  2. SF-qico-Constellation.svgThe Old Neighborhood: Take a trip around the Old Neighborhood.
  3. SF-qico-Constellation.svgThe Empty Nest: Recover an artifact held by the Shaw Gang near Akila City.
  4. SF-qico-Constellation.svgInto the Unknown: Investigate anomalies, search for Andreja, and discover a Temple.
  5. SF-qico-Constellation.svgBack to Vectera: Find Barrett and help him back to The Lodge
  6. SF-qico-Constellation.svgAll That Money Can Buy: Purchase an Artifact from a shady source in Neon.
  7. SF-qico-Constellation.svgStarborn: Encounter a rival for the artifacts.
  8. SF-qico-Constellation.svgFurther Into the Unknown: Vladimir has given me locations he believes could hold Artifacts.
  9. SF-qico-Constellation.svgShort Sighted: Help make repairs to The Eye
  10. SF-qico-Constellation.svgNo Sudden Moves: Steal an Artifact from a private collector.
  11. SF-qico-Constellation.svgHigh Price to Pay: Defend Constellation from attack, and suffer a terrible loss.
  12. SF-qico-Constellation.svgMissed Beyond Measure: Mourn the dead.
  13. SF-qico-Constellation.svgUnity: Unravel the ancient mystery of the Unity.
  14. SF-qico-Constellation.svgIn Their Footsteps: Learn the true nature of the Unity and the Starborn.
  15. SF-qico-Constellation.svgUnearthed: Investigate early use of the Artifacts by humans.
  16. SF-qico-Constellation.svgFinal Glimpses: Search for Artifacts one last time.
  17. SF-qico-Constellation.svgEntangled: Investigate the distress call from Nishina Research Station and recover Artifact LAMBDA.
  18. SF-qico-Constellation.svgRevelation: Confront the hostile Starborn and collect the final Artifact
  19. SF-qico-Constellation.svgOne Giant Leap: Enter the Unity.

Side Missions[edit]

New Game Plus[edit]

Missions that only come up in New Game Plus runs

Alternative Starts[edit]

These can replace the standard start on New Game Plus runs. See New Game Plus for details.