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Trade Authority
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The Trade Authority is a shipping corporation that dominates interstellar trade in the Settled Systems. They have offices in every major city, and operate kiosks in most ports. While not a criminal organization per se, the TA is known to deal in stolen and contraband goods.

All trade authority kiosks have Credit.png5,000 credits (Considered "Large", see Merchant's Credits for details).


Settlement Planet/Moon System
New Atlantis Spaceport Jemison Alpha Centauri
Cydonia Spaceport a Mars Sol
New Homestead Spaceport Titan Sol
Akila City Spaceport b Akila Cheyenne
Neon Spaceport c Volii Alpha Volii
Location Settlement Planet/Moon System
The Well, run by Zoe Kaminski The Well, New Atlantis Jemison Alpha Centauri
Cydonia, run by Manaaki Almonte Cydonia Mars Sol
Akila City, run by Duncan Lynch Akila City Akila Cheyenne
Neon, run by Kolman Lang Neon Volii Alpha Volii
The Den, run by Marcel Duris The Den N/A Wolf
The Key, run by Radley Jaso The Key N/A Kryx
The Pit Stop, run by Fast Hoangd HopeTown Polvo Valo System

a Next to the Ship Service Technician, to the left of the entrance to the Mining Colony.
b Next to Ship Services, to the right of the city gates.
c Inside the Ship Services shack, to the left of the landing platform.
d Inside The Pit Stop, sitting in a chair near the entrance

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