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Freestar Collective
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Akila City.[1]
Notable Members
The Council of Governors
An alley market in a Freestar Collective settlement

The Freestar Collective is the second interstellar government to have formed in the Settled Systems. It is a libertarian confederation of colonies who are dedicated to respecting personal freedoms and individuality. The Freestar Collective is governed by a Council of Governors.

The Collective was formed by an alliance of Cheyenne and Volii in 2189. It has been involved in two major wars with the United Colonies. The first was the Narion War from 2196 to 2216, which ended in victory for the UC, but Freestar received generous peace terms and concessions. The second was the Colony War, from 2308 to 2311, which ended in an unexpected victory for Freestar.[2]

The Freestar Collective officially controls three star systems as per the terms of the Treaty of Narion: Cheyenne, Volii, and Narion. A fourth system, Valo, is also technically part of Freestar territory because it is part of the Narion binary star system.

To learn more of the Freestar Collective and their history, see the lore article.

Government and Politics[edit]

The Freestar Collective is a loose confederation of self-governing colonies and settlements that share common diplomatic and military interests. The Collective has no one head of state - executive power at the federal level is vested in the Council of Governors, which consists of the heads of each member colony. The Council sets the Collective's foreign policy and oversees its joint military force, the Freestar Militia, and its federal law enforcement agency, the Freestar Rangers.


The Freestar Collective has a federal military, the Freestar Militia. While generally considered inferior to the more professional military of the United Colonies, the Militia was able to hold its own in the Colony War. The Freestar Militia contracts with [SF:Laredo|Laredo]] to manufacture most of its firearms, and during the Colony War was known for both its extensive use of Mechs and a volunteer civilian fleet, the latter of which inspired the creation of the UC Vanguard.

Compared to the United Colonies, the Freestar Collective is known for its hands-off, libertarian style of government.