Starfield:Cheyenne System

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Spectral Class G8
Level 1
Catalogue ID Gl 566A
Temperature 5320 K
Mass 084 SM
Radius 614136
Magnitude 5.40
Planets 9
Moons 26
Cheyenne System

The Cheyenne System is one of the systems in Starfield. It is home to Akila City, the capital of the Freestar Collective on the planet of Akila. The Crimson Fleet has a foothold in this system. [1]

The system was settled by Solomon Coe in 2167, starting with Akila City. It became a founding member of the Freestar Collective together with Volii System in 2189.[2]



  • The system is most likely named after the Cheyenne, they are an Indigenous people in North America's Great Plains.