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This article is about the faction. For the NPC, see The First (NPC).

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The First
Notable Members

The First is an outlaw mercenary group operating in Freestar Collective space. It was founded by veterans of the First Cavalry, an elite Freestar Militia mech division that was disbanded after the Colony War. They carry an intense grudge against the Freestar Collective for perceived betrayal.


During the Colony War, the First Cavalry was considered one of the Freestar Militia's most elite units. At the Battle of Niira, they were assigned to the worst of the fighting, and given orders to take a heavily fortified enemy position. They were on the cusp of achieving their objective, after heavy casualties, when a ceasefire was called, and they were ordered to abandon their mission.

Major Paxton Hull refused to allow the deaths of his troops to be for nothing. He continued the assault, successfully taking the objective in defiance of orders. Afterwards, he was court martialed, and the First Cavalry was disbanded.

After the war, Hull and the other veterans of the First Cavalry decided to create a mercenary group and seek revenge on the Freestar Collective.


Members of The First wear relatively light armor and almost exclusively carry Laredo weapons.

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