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Bastien Graff
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Race Human Gender Male
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Faction(s) CrimeFactionUC, UCVanguardFaction
Bastien Graff

Bastien Graff is a pilot in the UC Vanguard currently stationed at The Den station in the Wolf System. He wishes to be assigned to a more important and active station, and will ask you to looking into his promotion.

He wears a UC Vanguard Spacesuit, and carries an Eon with ammunition for it for protection. He also carries some Credits.

When you arrive at The Den you may see him in the middle of an argument with Rayna Marquez and Holden Bonilla over Holden's reporting style. Bastien will eventually be told to leave by Rayna, who will lecture then lecture Holden about keeping a more even tone to avoid upsetting the flow of things on this small post.

Bastien Graff: "How about my foot up your ass, newsboy? That a big enough "scoop" for you?"
Holden Bonilla: "I really don't think that's appropriate talk coming from a Vanguard pilot..."
Bastien Graff: "That's exactly your problem - you don't think! If you weren't such a lousy reporter, you wouldn't be stuck all the way out here!"

Holden Bonilla: "I mean, I guess maybe that's true, but... uhh, if so... you're just as stuck out here as I am. So what does that say?"

Bastien Graff: "Oh wow. You really do want me to kick your ass, don't you?"
Rayna Marquez: "All right, that's enough! Bastien, go cool off. Get a drink."
Bastien Graff: "Whatever. Fine."
Rayna Marquez: "Holden... I appreciate that you have a job to do. I really do. But you need to consider that you don't operate in a vacuum. If you're stationed here long-term, that means you're around these people all day, every day. And they're not going to like it if you're making them look bad."
Holden Bonilla: "I can't just... not report. They need to know that I'm out here working hard. And lately not much is happening..."


Holden Bonilla: "Lt. Commander Marquez, I appreciate your concern, but I have an obligation to SSNN to report on what I see."
Rayna Marquez: "I'm sure they do know that, Holden. I'm just saying, maybe use a little more discretion in your reporting. Maybe a lot."


Rayna Marquez: "Don't worry. When the next big story breaks out here, I'll be sure and help you get the scoop, okay?"
Holden Bonilla: "I will... think on that. Thank you."

When approaching Bastien, he has a few potential greetings:

"Marquez is all right, I guess. She's gonna be lucky to have me as a boss."
"Only a matter of time before I get promoted out of here."
"I am, hands down, the best pilot in this dump. Don't let anyone tell you different."
"If it isn't the only honest person in this place."
"Hey, my biggest fan and supporter! How are you?"

If you stop speaking to him mid-conversation, he will prompt you to speak again:

"Uhh, hello?"
"I do have other things to do, you know."
"Hey, you're kind of wasting my time here..."

When saying goodbye, he will say:

"See you around."

In conversation, you can ask him about his Vanguard membership and why he was assigned to the Den:

You like flying for the Vanguard?

"You kidding? It's what I was born to do. Wait... I mean, flying is what I was born to do. This Vanguard thing? Temporary. Only a matter of time before I get called up to the Navy. Before you know it, I'll be a Captain. No, wait... Admiral. Yeah. How did you get assigned to the Den?"

That reporter didn't put you up to this, did he?

"What does it matter? I'm going to be out of here before you can blink, and this will all be behind me. I already told him: It was a misunderstanding. An... An accident. My flight record was spotless otherwise."

Related MissionsEdit

 Re-Re-Application: Ask Commander Tuala about Bastien Graff's promotion.


Bastien will have conversations with Rayna Marquez about what work needs to be done, and about his poor performance at this post.

Bastien Graff
You have some amazing, death-defying assignment for me?
And how will the Vanguard be protecting the United Colonies today?
What's on the docket for today? Something exciting?
Rayna Marquez
Oh sure, I had something here.... Oh wait, no I didn't. Come on Bastien, you know how this goes. Different day, same work.
Just another standard patrol. Nothing special.
There's no shortage of paperwork. Or maybe you'd prefer filing??
Bastien Graff
God, why does nothing ever happen around here?
You're not holding out on me, are you?
Seriously? Nothing? You've gotta be kidding me.
Rayna Marquez
If there was anything that would get you to stop asking me, trust me. I'd tell you about it.
Sorry, that's just how it goes.
I promise you, if something went down, you'd be the first to know.
Rayna Marquez
I've got some notes here from tech services...
We still need to talk about that last incident report.
Bastien, I've gotten another complaint...
Bastien Graff
I don't even want to talk about this. I said I'd take care of it.
You know that wasn't my fault! The other guy wasn't looking where he was going...
Oh come on, I already told you that was an accident.
Rayna Marquez
You always tell me it's not your fault, but this has happened so many times...
You've just gotta be more careful, okay?
Look, I'm not trying to ruin your life here.
Bastien Graff
Okay. I heard you the first time.
Yeah, fine. Sure. Whatever.
Whatever. I'm still the best damn pilot here, and you know it.
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