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(0020DBAC, 0020DBAD)
Location SF-mapicon-Industrial.svg 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage — An abandoned Freestar Militia military base converted into a salvage yard. (map)
Editor ID UC07_ModelA_Kaiser
Race ModelARace Gender Male
RefID 0020DBAC BaseID 0020DBAD
Other Information
Faction(s) PlayerAllyFaction, UC07_1OfAKindFaction, UC07_KaiserFaction, UC08_FB441FriendFaction

Kaiser is a specially modified Model A assigned to the UC's xenowarfare team under Hadrian Sanon and is part of the Red Devils. When the team was disbanded after the Colony War Kaiser was lost and ended up on Niira hunting Unit 99. He is called Captain Ahab by people at 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage because he is hunting his 'white whale'.

Related Missions[edit]

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