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Military Base:
Red Devils HQ
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Console Location Code(s)
Unknown (?)
Sol System
1.5km west of Cydonia
Controlled By
Red Devils
The Red Devils HQ, seen from the Deep Mines

The Red Devils HQ is an abandoned military base on Mars, near Cydonia. Name changes from Red Devils HQ to TMD Headquarters after completion of UC quest line. It is located deep underground, and is connected to both a landing pad on the Martian surface via an elevator, and to the Deep Mines by a large cavern. Before it was abandoned, it served as the headquarters of the Red Devils.

After A Legacy Forged the Red Devils HQ is renamed to TMD Headquarters.


The Red Devils Headquarters is a two-floor airlocked habitat located in a cavern deep beneath the Martian surface. There are two entrances, both located on the second floor: an airlock leading out to the cavern, and an elevator that goes up to a landing site on the surface.

The first floor consists of a large main room with several containment cells for alien creatures. Near the center is a cafeteria. Off to the sides are various research labs.

The second floor consists of a network of catwalks overlooking the first floor's main room, as well as a handful of additional labs.

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