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This is a compilation of books assembled for easier reading.
Dragonstar Force
A series of books fetched during the mission Media Sponge

Volume 1

The universe is in chaos! The evil Sarrklon, an alien being born of pure hatred, has amassed his secret armies to rain destruction upon the people of the Allied Worlds. A young man, Zeffrex Laserbrand, is thrust into the conflict when he discovers he is the descendent of a great hero, and one of the only ones capable of wielding the Dragonstar, a magical weapon capable of defeating Sarrklon and bringing peace to the galaxy. But first, it must be found.

Volume 2

The hunt for the Dragonstar continues! Zeffrex and his heroic companions, Protonius the android, Lagloriel the Princess of Zlaxx, and Jarmon the Changeling may have escaped from the clutches of Sarrklon and destroyed his asteroid fortress, but the galaxy is still in peril. With Sarrklon now in pursuit of the Dragonstar himself, it's a race for who will control the fate of the universe!

Volume 3

A tale of woe and revenge! After torturing Zeffrex Laserbrand's brother, and ruthlessly killing him by sending him into a black hole, Sarrklon is led directly to our heroes' hideout. Now, held captive beneath the surface of the water planet, Harglys V, things look grim for the Dragonstar Force! Will they escape with the help of their new friend, Montelvaughn, or will he turn against them in their time of need?

Volume 4

The epic saga continues! The mysterious Montelvaugh disappears, but not before divulging the location of the fabled Dragonstar. But, when Zeffrex journeys alone to extract it from its hiding place, he finds it missing! to make matters worse, he accidentally unleashes the dreaded Space Dragon, Fraxitarr from her crystal prison! Our heroes must reunite to take down this new threat before all is lost!

Volume 5

The Dragons have returned! Fraxitarr may be defeated, but Zeffrex discovers a clutch of hatched eggs, and surely enough, reports of dragons attacking starships have been running rampant! but is Zeffrex to blame for the release of the dragons, or has he been set up? As Laglorial and Jarmon race to get to the bottom of the mystery and clear the good name of Jeffrex Laserbrand, Sarrklon redoubles his effort in search for the Dragonstar.

Volume 6

The thrilling conclusion to the Dragonstar Force Saga! Jeffrex Laserbrand's trusty android companion, Protonius, discovers the hidden location of the Dragonstar, in the heart of a gigantic gaseous planet protected by a swarm of Gas Giant Dragons! In order to retrieve it, they'll need the help of a reluctant dwarven ship smith, Klauslinger. Will our heroes reach the Dragonstar in time to stop Sarrklon?

Volume 7

Sarklonn has returned? Our heroes are shaken when a strange, haunting signal is picked up by the Dragonstar Force's ship. It appears Sarrklon was not as defeated as they had thought! But is it true, or is it all an elaborate ruse? Our heroes rush to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Volume 8

Imposters in their midst! The mystery of Sarrklon's reappearance may not be resolved, but our heroes have a new problem to deal with: their companions may not be who they say they are. After visiting a resort planet, Jarmon begins acting strangely, even for a changeling! They discover that Jarmon is in fact an imposter in disguise, sowing the seeds of doubt among the entire Dragonstar Force. Who is who, and can anyone be trusted again?

Volume 9

Sarrklon is back, for real this time! Jeffrex and princess Laglorial's wedding is cut short by the return of their old nemesis, Sarrklon. Having revealed himself to be a changeling himself, our heroes question who it was they defeated before. Was it a clone, a robot double, or a mind-controlled changeling minion? But solving that mystery will have to wait, as Sarrklon steals the Dragonstar, once again sending the Dragonstar Force on the hunt for the galaxy's greatest power.

Volume 10

Desperate times, desperate measures! When Sarklonn reveals his plan to destroy all the dragons in the galaxy with the Dragonstar, Jeffrex Laserbrand and the rest of the Dragonstar Force must form an uneasy alliance with their former Dragon foes, the dragonspawn of Fraxitarr! The dragons arm Jeffrex with a new weapon of their own creation, the laser-axe, Glorybringer, in hopes he can use it to bring Sarrklon's reign to an end.

Volume 11

The end of the Force? When it is revealed that Princess Laglrorial is seemingly working for Sarrklon, our heroes part ways. After mourning the loss of his wife to side of his most hated nemesis, Jeffrex gets a visit from an old friend. The mysterious Montelvaughn returns to dispense wisdom and help solve the mystery behind Laglorial's sudden betrayal, but is it merely a ploy to get a hold of the fabled Dragonstar?

Volume 12

The end of the universe? Sarrklon, now lord of the galaxy, unexpectedly shows up at the door to the Dragonstar Force's secret hideout. But, as it turns out, he comes seeking their help, not their destruction. When the Dragonstar suddenly vanishes, Sarklonn fears that an even greater power is at work, and it not only threatens his rule, but also all of existence! Will the heroes trust their nemesis and take advantage of his vast resources, or strike out on their own?

Volume 13

Back in time! With the universe in ruins, Laglorial finds herself the last living member of the Dragonstar force. After managing to rebuild Protonius out of scrap pieces herself, the android reveals the secret to traveling through time, and the two decide to venture back before the Last War, which nearly wiped out all of existence. Will our heroes manage to stop the Dragonstar from being destroyed this time and save reality as we know it?

Volume 14

A new threat? With the Dragonstar firmly in their possession, Jeffrex and the Dragonstar force decide to hide it away once and for all, in the safest place they can find: the Grommulon black hole. But soon after disposing of the Dragonstar, they begin to hear voices emanating from the black hole, including that of Jeffrex's lost brother, Halke. Venturing beyond the event horizon, our heroes discover dark mysteries that threaten not only this universe, but all dimensions as well!

Volume 15

Stuck in the Grommulon dimension! After getting stuck inside the Grommulon dimension, the mighty Jeffrex and his companions seek a way out. However, they run afoul of evil versions of themselves, and the only soul willing to aid them in their fight against the evil Dragonstar Force and their Nega-Dragons is a weak, but highly knowledgeable version of Sarrklon! Can they trust this Sarrklon, or will they be repeating past mistakes?

Volume 16

A confluence of heroes! Having accepted defeat at the hands of their evil selves, our heroes await a grim death sentence in the dungeons of Jarmlek. Meanwhile, the Grommulon version of Sarrklon discovers a way to bend the dimensions to his will using the merged Dragonstars and formulates a plan to save the Dragonstar Force. But, it will take merging with himself from the prime dimension. Can his fractured psyche survive such a quantum entanglement, and will he manage to save our intrepid heroes?

Volume 17

Mind over matter! Having escaped from the Grommulon dimension with the intact Dragonstar, the Dragonstar Force now finds themselves trapped in prisons of their own minds. It turns out that merging with evil alternate-dimension versions of themselves has caused more problems than it may have solved. Now, our heroes fight for their very souls and must battle their own personal demons if they wish to survive!

Volume 18

Death of Sarrklon? Armed with the knowledge to bend dimensions to his whim, Sarrklon enacts his plans to bring together Dragonstars from all dimensions to form the Ultra Dragonstar. The Dragonstar Force must band together with heroic versions of themselves from across the planes and form an army capable of defeating Sarrklon once and for all. But can they defeat his army of transdimensional dragons, empowered by the combined might of the Ultra Dragonstar?

Volume 19

The end of the Dragonstar Force? After the dimensional mishaps of their last adventure, and the universe finally at peace, the Galactic Triumvirate decides to abolish the Dragonstar Force for good. As Jeffrex and Laglorial adjust to domestic life, Jarmon and Protonius seek answers. But, they soon regret what they discover. The Galactic Triumvirate may not be what they seem!

Volume 20

A battle for space and time! Montelvaughn returns with grave news. The shards of the Ultra Dragonstar have played havoc with time and space. After explaining that the Galactic Triumvirate was merely a figment of reality, the Dragonstar Force questions what is real and what is not. In order to save the future, they must piece together the past and unravel the fabric of reality itself! But in doing so, they may negate some of their past heroic actions. Will it be worth it, to once again save all they hold dear?

Volume 21

The climax of the Reality Saga! After performing the Universal Reset, Jeffrex Laserbrand must relive the past in order to put reality back in its rightful place. Revisiting old friends and past enemies alike, Jeffrex reforms powerful alliances and must be careful not to ignite past conflicts without endangering his life's successes. Montelvaughn appears in his hour of need, but is the price he demands too high for a conflicted Jeffrex? Is it possible to reform his life without invoking the looming Specter of Sarrklon?

Volume 22

A universe at peace! All seems well for the Dragonstar Force. Jeffrex Laserbrand, having successfully restored the natural balance of the universe, has settled in with Princess Laglorial on her homeworld of Zlaxx. When vacationing offworld with their newborn son, a massive explosion rends their homeworld apart. The Dragonstar Force reconvenes to avenge the planet's sudden destruction, but what they find, haunts them. The latent power of the Ultra Dragonstar manifests as a Phantom Dragon, merged with the life force of Sarrklon, and it seeks revenge on the Dragonstar Force. Can they defeat an enemy they can't see?

Volume 23

The death of Zeffrex! Having sacrificed himself to merge with the Ultra Dragonstar and defeat the Specter of Sarrklon once and for all, the mighty Zeffrex Laserbrand is no more. While mourning the loss of her husband, Princess Laglorial happens upon a fabled wishstone. However, the chaotic power of the wishstone makes things much worse before they are better. And in the end, can Laglorial make the right choice between reviving her dead lover, or saving the universe once again?

Volume 24

Son of Zeffrex! Having vanquished the horrible Elder Wishdragon by sacrificing her ability to bring Zeffrex back from the dead, Princess Laglorial finally retires from the Dragonstar Force. But when a freak timestorm ages her son, Tanskler, into an adult, she finds herself in a mess she can't handle by herself. As Tanskler conducts a reign of terror, she finds she must call on the aid of her former companions, Jarmon and Protonius to reverse the effects of the time storm and figure out how to prevent Tanskler's future from becoming reality.

Volume 25

The all-new Dragonstar Force! Twenty years have passed, and Tanskler has grown, proving himself a hero when he stops a goblin uprising on the prison planet Porbulis VII. But unbeknownst to him, a great evil escapes from the planet: Sarrklon's daughter, a tortured soul, too dark even for the likes of her father. Seeking revenge for her imprisonment, she begins her plan to reform the Dragonstar. Can Tanskler, along with friends both old and new, find the missing shards of the Dragonstar before it's too late?

Volume 26

Dragons within! Shussalina, the forgotten daughter of Sarrklon, has assembled the fractured Dragonstar and seeks her revenge! Using the magic of Dragonstar, she covertly travels to the peaceful world of Ploximar, bringing with her a seemingly magical pox, infecting the local populace. What seemed to be a disease turns out to be millions of microdragons, shrunken down to microscopic scale by the power of the reformed Dragonstar. Unbeknownst to her, Tanskler and his new friends Glorp, the gelatinous golem, and Minnialissa, the fae witchling, are on a diplomatic mission to Ploximar when Tanskler falls ill to the dragon pox. His companions shrink down and enter his body to take on the microscopic threat.

Volume 27

Unlikely alliances! Having failed her plans for revenge thus far, Shussalina goes into exile, and the universe is seemingly at peace once again. However, a strange new alien race, the Glotzians, appear. Surrounding the Galactic Council's homeworld, they demand immediate surrender. Tanskler and the New Dragonstar Force race to its rescue, but find their new Glotzian foes too much to handle. During their retreat, the Dragonstar Force rescues an old drifter, who turns out to be the mysterious Montelvaughn. He brings them to the far reaches of space, where they meet Grimmtongue the Nebula Wyrm, the most ancient of all dragons, who promises to help, for a price.

Volume 28

Sarrklon returns again! Using the power of Dragonstar, Shussalina manages to resurrect her father, Sarrklon. But her reunion does not go as planned. The necromantic magic warped his mind and twisted his soul, while giving him newfound power. Unable to contain her father, Shussalina flees to the frozen world of Helixaia at the edge of the known universe. Tanskler, Glorp, and Minnialissa must track her down to undo the spell put and end to Sarrklon once and for all.

Volume 29

The Dragonstar awakens! Having vanquished Sarklonn for the last time, the Dragonstar Force discovers that Shussalina had merely been controlled by her father's will from beyond the grave. Their newfound alliance has only made the Dragonstar Force stronger than ever before. The mysterious Montelvaughn returns, gravely injured, and with his dying breath, portends a dire prophecy: the Dragonstar itself has gained sentience, and will wage war against transdimensional existence! As the Force prepares, the Dragonstar begins its machinations.

Volume 30

The final epic conclusion of the Dragonstar Force Saga! Barton Spinner, son of Martin Spinner, returns to finish the epic conclusion to the saga his father began writing thirty years ago! In order to defeat the Dragonstar itself, the Dragonstar Force must assemble the legendary Lazerlance and vanquish every last dragon in the known universe. Only then, can they infuse it with their souls, ridding the universe of dragons and magic alike, but will peace be worth the sacrifices made? The last Dragonstar Force adventure awaits!