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The Artifacts are a central target of the efforts of Constellation. The artifacts can grant you powers.

Name FormID EditorID Weight Value Model Location
Artifact XI 0x00216F85 Artifact_XI 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_XI.nif Nishina Research Station
Artifact THETA 0x00216F86 Artifact_THETA 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_THETA.nif Nascent
Artifact TAU 0x00216F87 Artifact_TAU 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_TAU.nif Oborum I
Artifact SIGMA 0x00216F88 Artifact_SIGMA 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_SIGMA.nif
Artifact RHO 0x00216F89 Artifact_RHO 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_RHO.nif
Artifact PSI 0x00216F8A Artifact_PSI 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_PSI.nif
Artifact PI 0x00216F8B Artifact_PI 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_PI.nif
Artifact PHI 0x00216F8C Artifact_PHI 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_PHI.nif
Artifact OMICRON 0x00216F8D Artifact_OMICRON 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_OMICRON.nif
Artifact OMEGA 0x00216F8E Artifact_OMEGA 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_OMEGA.nif
Artifact NU 0x00216F8F Artifact_NU 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_NU.nif Neon (owned by Nicolaus Slayton)
Artifact MU 0x00216F90 Artifact_MU 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_MU.nif
Artifact LAMBDA 0x00216F91 Artifact_LAMDA 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_LAMDA.nif
Artifact KAPPA 0x00216F92 Artifact_KAPPA 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_KAPPA.nif
Artifact IOTA 0x00216F93 Artifact_IOTA 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_IOTA.nif Piazzi I or Piazzi IV-c
Artifact GAMMA 0x00216F94 Artifact_GAMMA 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_GAMMA.nif
Artifact ETA 0x00216F95 Artifact_ETA 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_ETA.nif Vectera
Artifact EPSILON 0x00216F96 Artifact_EPSILON 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_EPSILON.nif
Artifact DELTA 0x00216F97 Artifact_DELTA 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_DELTA.nif
Artifact CHI 0x00216F98 Artifact_CHI 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_CHI.nif Akila
Artifact BETA 0x00216F99 Artifact_BETA 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_BETA.nif Sol (owned by Moara Otero)
Artifact ZETA 0x00216F9A Artifact_ZETA 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_ZETA.nif Tau Ceti II or Procyon III
Artifact ALPHA 0x00216F9B Artifact_ALPHA 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_ALPHA.nif
Artifact UPSILON 0x00216F9C Artifact_UPSILON 0 0 SetDressing\Artifacts\Artifact_UPSILON.nif