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The Lodge
Notable Members


Development concept art of The Lodge within The Eye.

Constellation is a group of space explorers based out of New Atlantis. They are committed to discovering the answers to the universe's biggest mysteries. Typically operating in small teams of two explorers, membership is intentionally limited.

Referred to as "the last group of space explorers",[1] the Player is given an invitation to join the organization at The Lodge, their headquarters in New Atlantis, after interacting with an unknown alien artifact. The group is dedicated to answering the question of "What's out there?"[2] In their exploration, the group encountered and excavated pieces of an alien artifact, and are in the process of finding and collecting the remaining pieces to fully assemble the artifact and determine its purpose.[3]



Constellation was founded in 2275 by Sebastian Banks with the mission of seeking out the unknown. Banks funded the construction of the Lodge in New Atlantis to be used as the group's headquarters. The inaugural members of Constellation were Aja Mamasa, Bernadette Laurent, Chloe Bao, Darius Andris, Everado Gil, and Kadri Toma, with Banks serving as leader and taking on the title of chair.

Chloe Bao located and explored the legendary missing colony ship Clark Lewis in 2282. She determined that the vessel had become stranded in space after a disastrous malfunction, and the colonists had resorted to murder and cannibalism before dying. Fearing that publishing Bao's report would have a chilling effect on the public's attitude toward space exploration, Sebastian Banks had the report shelved.

In 2283, Constellation nearly disbanded when Sebastian Banks departed on an expedition and failed to return. A vote among the remaining members over whether or not to disband the group was decided in favor of continuing it when Chloe Bao changed her vote at the last moment. Bao was elected the organization's second chair.

Between 2283 and 2290, two other Constellation members joined and quickly rose to the position of chair: Sir Malcolm Livingston and Visola Chen. Livingston brought the robot Vasco, whom he had found in an Akila City junkyard and reactivated in 2287, with him when he joined the group.

Aja Mamasa, who had been Sebastian Banks' protege, became chair of Constellation in 2290, a position she would hold for the next 35 years.

The 24th century[edit]

In 2305, Barrett joined Constellation, at which time biologist Ervin Madani was already an active member. Barrett and Ervin later married. Tragically, Ervin died in 2309 during the Colony War when he was caught in a crossfire between United Colonies and Freestar Collective troops on the planet Gagarin.

Sarah Morgan joined Constellation in 2320, following a brief tenure the final head of the UC Navigator Corps before its dissolution. Aja Mamasa quickly made Sarah her protege.

Walter Stroud, co-CEO of the staryard Stroud-Eklund, joined Constellation in 2321. Although there were concerns that the wealthy Walter was trying to buy his way into the group, he proved himself to be a sincere admirer of space exploration and Constellation itself. Walter provided the group a welcome source of funding.

Sarah met Vladimir Sall in 2322 while searching for the lost original copy of the Centaurus Proclamation of 2161, a United Colonies declaration that formalized the process for humans to settle new worlds and establish new sovereign states. Vlad seized the document during his career as a Crimson Fleet pirate captain, but left it aboard his old ship when he retired. When Sarah came to him asking for help retrieving the document from the ship's current crew, Vlad agreed to provide assistance. The Centaurus Proclamation was successfully restored to the UC, and Sarah recruited Vlad into Constellation.

Sarah succeeded Aja Mamasa as Chair of Constellation in 2325, with Aja retiring to Paradiso. Theologian Matteo Khatri joined the group that same year.

Graduate student and scientist Noel was personally recruited by Sarah in 2326. Retired Freestar Ranger Sam Coe and his daughter Cora Coe joined in 2327. Andreja was recruited by Barrett in 2328 after the two met on Ka'zaal.

Hunt for the artifacts[edit]

A single artifact came into Constellation's possession in 2310. Who discovered it and where it was found were not recorded, but it was inert and stored in Constellation's archives for the next sixteen years. Barrett found the artifact in 2326 and took an interest in studying it. In 2328, at Barrett's suggestion, Walter purchased starstation L-868 for Constellation to use as a deep space scanning platform to find more artifacts. The structure was renamed The Eye, and successfully located a second artifact on Ka'zaal. Barrett hired Argos Extractors to excavate this artifact, and he was the first to touch it, causing him to experience a vision.

Barrett contracted Argos Extractors again in 2330 to excavate a third artifact that was detected on Vectera. This resulted in the Player coming into contact with the artifact and being invited to join Constellation as its tenth active member. Bringing the third artifact into contact with the other two also triggered a reaction in them, indicating that the three were pieces of a greater whole. Constellation redoubled its search for more artifacts, hoping to reassemble the full device and thereby learn about its purpose and creators.


  1. Sebastian Banks (2275 - 2283)
  2. Chloe Bao (2283 - ?)
  3. (?) (possibly Visola Chen)
  4. Malcolm Livingston
  5. (?) (possibly Visola Chen)
  6. Aja Mamasa (2290 - 2325)
  7. Sarah Morgan (2325 - present)


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