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This article is about the city. For the resource, see Neon (Resource).

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On the planet Volii Alpha, in the Volii System
  • Arrival at this Destination will result in immediate Contraband Scanning.
Bars and Restaurants
Shops and Services

Neon is a pleasure city built by the Xenofresh Corporation on Volii Alpha in the Volii System, in the Freestar Collective. Originally a fishing platform, the city was repurposed towards drug production after the discovery of a fish with psychotropic properties. This led to the creation of Aurora, universally outlawed throughout the Settled Systems except in Neon itself. Aurora's unique effects have made the city a major tourist site by those who want to experience it. [1]

Neon is built on a massive platform in the ocean. It's main part, called Neon Core, is a large strip of shops, offices and other businesses. The spaceport terminal separates it into Bayu Plaza to the west and Ikuchi Market to the east. The spaceport terminal connects Neon Core to Neon City Spaceport. To the north and south Neon Core is enclosed by Ebbside. Below Neon Core and Ebbside lies the Underbelly.

Neon Gang Culture

Neon is no stranger to criminal elements, as its reputation as a pleasure city has attracted a myriad of shady characters. The Ebbside part of the city is home to a collection of gangs, preying on each other or unsuspecting tourists who venture too far into the shadowy parts of the city. The most notorious of these criminal entities is the Seokguh Syndicate, an organization rumored to have ties to Neon's mayor, Benjamin Bayu. While the extent of their influence remains shrouded in secrecy, persistent rumors suggest that it is Benjamin Bayu who wields considerable control over the syndicate's activities. In addition to the Seokguh Syndicate, Neon is home to two other street gangs: the Ebbside Strikers and the Disciples. These smaller yet no less dangerous groups, like most gangs, consider themselves family.[2]

To learn more of Neon and their history, see the lore article.


Astral Lounge
Boone Morgan
Mickey Caviar
Manaia Adams
Clover MacKenna
Paige Overton
Shuichi Kanamatsu
Dani Garcia
Freestar Ranger's Outpost
Jaylen Pryce
Generdyne Industries
Breyson Bayu
Ji Nashida
Kore Kinetics
Matias Durant
Legrande's Liquors
Yannick Legrande
Madame Sauvage's Place
Madame Sauvage
Sophia Grace
Andrea Sandoval
Diosdado Kekoa
Grace Early
Karolina Gortat
Vogal Fuches
Neon Mining League
Saburo Okadigbo
Neon Security HQ
Owen Dexler
Neon Security Chief
Neon Tactical
Frank Renick
Newill's Goods
James Newill
Rosa Newill
Nyx's Apartment
Reliant Medical
Doctor Joseph Manning
Ryujin Tower
Alexis Pryce
April Sweeney
Benjamin Bayu
Camden Cho
Christine Quince
Dalton Fiennes
DeMarcus Sterling
Genevieve Monohan
Imogene Salzo
Lane Garza
Lendel Green
Linden Calderi
Maeve Salini
Masako Imada
Nancy Ellicott
Rafiq Hamza
Robert Frye
Thomas Ellicott
Ularu Chen
Veena Kalra
Yuko Serrano
Seokguh Syndicate Hideout
Sieghart's Outfitters
Dietrich Sieghart
Slayton Aerospace
Nicolaus Slayton
Neon City Spaceport
Sophie Jex
Ship Services Technician
Stroud-Eklund Showroom
Emiko Shinsato
Stroud-Eklund Corporate HQ
Issa Eklund
Oscar Trinadad
Taiyo Astroneering Store
Veronica Young
Dara Ulrecht
Vern Sobakin
The Emporium
Tevin Anastas
The Volii Hotel
Natan Ovadia
Minerva Clement
Trade Authority
Kolman Lang
Felix Sadler
Striker Gang
Xenofresh Corporate HQ
Xenofresh Fisheries
Amanda Oxendine
Libby Grath
Robie Hennigar
Valentina Gurov

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  • Neon is the only city in the Settled Systems to power itself with lightning