Item: Aurora
(lore page)
Type Aid Item
Editor ID Chem_Aurora
Ref ID Base ID 002C5884
Mass Weight 0.100000 Value Credit.png760
Slows time by 40% for 10s.

Aurora is a psychotropic drug created by the Xenofresh Corporation. Aurora is illegal throughout the Settled Systems, except for the city of Neon. The drug was created after the discovery of Chasmbass, a fish with psychotropic properties on the fishing platform that would eventually become Neon. After Xenofresh realized the potential, they repurposed the city's focus from fishing to drug tourism.

Aurora slows time by 40% for 10s. Stimulant Addiction can occur as a result of taking aurora. Effects can be temporarily suppressed by taking any other stimulant or Addichrone. Effects can be permanently suppressed by taking Junk Flush.


  • Sold by Boone Morgan in the Astral Lounge, Neon.
  • Also sold in the member's only lounge of Euphorika
  • The recipe is a reward at the end of Supply Line, given by Yannick Legrande. Note: During said quest, you will also temporarily gain the recipe for the Unprocessed version. The ingredients needed are the same for both.


To start producing regular Aurora, you must first find the recipe. Then, simply visit any Pharmaceutical Lab.

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