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Imogene Salzo
Location Ryujin Industries (map)
Editor ID FC_Neon_RT_ImogeneSalzo
Race Human Gender Female
RefID N/A BaseID 002C9BFB
Other Information
Faction(s) RyujinIndustriesFaction, CrimeFactionNeon
Imogene Salzo

Imogene Salzo is a senior operations specialist at Ryujin Industries. Her job is see through files submitted by technicians, prioritize them, assign them to field operatives and finally to oversee said field operatives. According to Lane Garze she is probably next in line to take over for head of operations Ularu Chen. A handful of people in operations are operatives that report to Imogene. If Yuko is indisposed it's Imogene's duty to conduct job interviews. She doesn't mind a little cheekyness from people as long as thez deliver the result she wants. She trusts her subordinates to get things done and doesn't micromanage themn.

Related Missions[edit]

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