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Energy Weapon Dissipation[edit]

Energy Weapon Dissipation
Form ID 0x002C59E2
Editor ID Skill_EnergyWeaponDissipation
Category Physical
Skill Tier Advanced
Rank Stats
  • Rank 1 - Energy damage is reduced 5%.
  • Rank 2 - Energy damage is reduced 10%.
  • Rank 3 - Energy damage is reduced 15%.
  • Rank 4 - 25% chance to reflect energy damage back to an attacker when your health is below 50%.
Rank Challenges
  • Rank 1 Challenge Progress - Spend a total of 4 Skill Points in the Physical tree.
  • Rank 2 Challenge Progress - Take 150 points of energy damage.
  • Rank 3 Challenge Progress - Take 350 points of energy damage.
  • Rank 4 Challenge Progress - Take 750 points of energy damage.
Considering the widespread use of energy weapons in the Settled Systems, specialized training to minimize damage is considered invaluable.
Energy Weapon Dissipation

Energy Weapon Dissipation is an Advanced Physical skill.

Skill Increases[edit]

An easy method of progressing these challenges would be to dismiss any followers you have, and find a group of enemies with at least one enemy possessing an energy weapon. Kill any enemy that does not have an energy weapon, and allow the survivors to damage you while you heal yourself until the challenge(s) are completed.