Starfield:United Colonies Native

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United Colonies Native
Trait ID 227FD4
Bonus credit reward for UC Vanguard Missions
How to remove
Talk to Administrator Rookes at Healthh and human services in the MAST building in New Atlantis.

You gain access to special United Colonies dialogue options, and better rewards from some missions given by the faction. However, crime bounty by other factions is greatly increased.

United Colonies Native is a trait in Starfield.
Picking this trait does not automatically grant United Colonies Citizenship. You still have to earn that by completing Friends Like These.

Mission BonusesEdit

If you pick this trait you will receive a credit bonus for these missions:

Mission Bonus Credits
 Supra et Ultra: Sign up for the UC Vanguard.  1,000
 Grunt Work: Investigate a comms blackout on Tau Ceti II.  1,000
 Delivering Devils: Deliver a Terrormorph tissue sample to Dr. Percival Walker.  1,000
 Eyewitness: Convince the United Colonies to give you access to the Armistice Archives.  1,000
 Friends Like These: Get the remaining Archive Codes from the Freestar Collective and House Va'ruun.  1,000
 The Devils You Know: Learn the UC's best-kept secret, and hunt down a war criminal.  1,000
 War Relics: Scour an old battleground for a military robot.  1,000
 Hostile Intelligence: Go to Londinion, fight terrormorphs, find out the origin of terrormorphs and reveal the culprit.  1,000
 A Legacy Forged: Pick a path to end the terrormorph threat and reveal the culprit.  1,000
 Vanguard: Bug Hunt  500
 Vanguard: Safer Skies  500
Apex Predator  500
 Preventive Action  500