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Ballistic Weapon Systems[edit]

Ballistic Weapon Systems
Form ID 0x002CE2C2
Editor ID Skill_BallisticWeaponSystems
Category Tech
Skill Tier Novice
Rank Stats
  • Rank 1 - Ballistic ship weapons have 10% increased damage and cost 20% less to use in Targeting Mode.
  • Rank 2 - Ballistic ship weapons have 20% increased damage and recharge 15% faster.
  • Rank 3 - Ballistic ship weapons have 30% increased damage and recharge 30% faster.
  • Rank 4 - Ballistic ship weapons do 50% more damage to individual systems.
Rank Challenges
  • Rank 1 Challenge Progress - None.
  • Rank 2 Challenge Progress - Deal 1000 damage to enemy ships with ballistic weapons.
  • Rank 3 Challenge Progress - Deal 4000 damage to enemy ships with ballistic weapons.
  • Rank 4 Challenge Progress - Deal 10000 damage to enemy ships with ballistic weapons.
While there have been significant advancements in ship-borne weaponry, sometimes the simplest tool is the most effective.
Ballistic Weapon Systems

Ballistic Weapon Systems is a Novice Tech skill.

Ballistic Weapon Systems it is automatically unlocked and can already be learned by using a skill point to learn it.


Skill Increases[edit]

The fastest way to quickly progress through the skill rank challenges would be to join the UC Vanguard and use the flight simulator. The flight simulator can be used after youve completedthe intro quest(?).