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Form ID 0x002CE2E1
Editor ID Skill_Wellness
Category Physical
Skill Tier Novice
Rank Stats
  • Rank 1 - Increase your maximum health by 10%
  • Rank 2 - Increase your maximum health by 20%
  • Rank 3 - Increase your maximum health by 30%
  • Rank 4 - Increase your maximum health by 40%
Rank Challenges
  • Rank 1 Requirement - None.
  • Rank 2 Challenge Progress - Heal 200 damage.
  • Rank 3 Challenge Progress - Heal 500 damage.
  • Rank 4 Challenge Progress - Heal 1,000 damage.
By embracing an active lifestyle and good nutrition habits, one may improve their overall sense of health, and even gain prolonged life expectancy.

Wellness is a Novice Physical skill.

Wellness is automatically unlocked and can already be learned by using a skill point to learn it.
Wellness increases your maximum health.


This skill is automatically learned with the following backgrounds:

Skill Increases[edit]

Simply take damage from combat and heal yourself to complete the challenges. If you want a slightly more controlled environment, you could also jump off of high locations to injure yourself so you can be healed instead.