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Health is the amount of damage a player, human, or creature can take before dying.

Player Health[edit]

Player maximum health starts at 100, and can be increased with the Wellness skill. Maximum health can be temporarily reduced through environmental damage.

Health can be restored by:

  • Sleeping for any duration.
  • Consuming aid items such as Med Packs or food.
  • Gaining a level.
  • Through the Rejuvenation skill, which grants passive health regeneration.
  • Visiting a doctor and paying 400 credits (or 750 credits simultaneously cure afflictions).


Health bar showing some environmental damage (marked in orange)

Health is displayed at the bottom right of the screen, above the weapon icon and ammo counter. The health bar is normally filled in white with a transparent white background indicating maximum health. If player health drops below 25%, the fill color turns to red.

Environmental damage is indicated by an orange segment on the right side of the bar.

Health can also be seen just right of the character model in the in-game menu.

Health cap[edit]

The player's health is capped at 3052. Without wellness and relying purely on level scaling, health will reach that cap in about 148 levels, but it can be reached faster with the wellness skill, the effects of which are maximized if unlocked at higher levels.

NPC and Creature Health[edit]

Partially depleted enemy health bar
Legendary enemy health bar

Enemy health is displayed as a bar above the enemy, together with the enemy's name and level. Legendary enemies[verification needed — see talk page] have a standard white health bar together with a segmented red health bar; when their health is depleted and a red segment remains, a red segment disappears and their health is replenished.