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SF-traits-Neon Street Rat.png
Neon Street Rat
Trait ID 227FD3
Bonus credit reward for Ryujin Industries Missions
How to remove
Speak to the bartender of Madam Sauvage in Neon.

You grew up on the mean streets of Neon. You gain access to special dialogue options, and better rewards from some missions on Neon. Crime bounty by other factions is greatly increased.

Neon Street Rat is a trait in Starfield.

Mission Bonuses[edit]

If you pick this trait you will receive a credit bonus for these missions:

Mission Bonus Credits
SF-qico-Ryujin Industries.svgBack to the Grind: Get a job at Ryujin Industries, prove yourself and get your first promotion. Credit.png1,000
SF-qico-Ryujin Industries.svgOne Step Ahead: Upload a program into CeltCorps computer. Credit.png500
SF-qico-Ryujin Industries.svgA New Narrative: Plant incriminating evidence at Laredo Firearms. Credit.png500
SF-qico-Ryujin Industries.svgAccess is Key: Acquire a keycard from a Security Chief. Credit.png500
SF-qico-Ryujin Industries.svgSowing Discord: Sabotage a deal between Infinity LTD and Quantum Synergies. Credit.png1,000
SF-qico-Ryujin Industries.svgAccidents Happen: Plant an ARC device at HopeTech. Credit.png500
SF-qico-Ryujin Industries.svgMaintaining the Edge: Steal a prototype schematic from Trident Luxury Lines. Credit.png500
SF-qico-Ryujin Industries.svgTop Secrets: Meet with Simon Ryczek to retrieve valuabe inforamtion. Credit.png1,000
SF-qico-Ryujin Industries.svgBackground Checks: Infiltrate Ryujin Tower as part of Security Directive Theta. Credit.png1,000
SF-qico-Ryujin Industries.svgGuilty Parties: Find Imogene at the Seokguh Syndicate Hideout. Credit.png1,000
SF-qico-Ryujin Industries.svgThe Key Ingredient: Recover a missing shipment and uncover Infinity LTD's plan. Credit.png1,000
SF-qico-Ryujin Industries.svgSabotage: Infiltrate Infinity LTD Credit.png1,000
SF-qico-Ryujin Industries.svgExecutive Level: Discuss options with board members and take part in a conference. Credit.png1,000
SF-qico-Ryujin Industries.svgManaging Assets Credit.png500
SF-qico-Ryujin Industries.svgThe Power of Persuasion Credit.png500