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Kid Stuff
Trait ID 227FDE
  • Gain parents, who appear in various places and give you gifts
  • 2% of all credits, up to a max of Credit.png500, are removed from your inventory every week.
How to remove
Talk to your parents and tell them you can't afford their house anymore, then they move away.

Your parents are alive and well, and you can visit them at their home. But you will automatically send 2% of your credits home to them every week.

Kid Stuff is a trait in Starfield.

First Visit[edit]

Noel gives you Note from Dad when you approach her for the first time at The Lodge.
When you leave the Lodge for the first time you acquire the activity See you Parents at Pioneer Tower.
If you visit you parents for the first time you can pick up your high school backpack along with Backpack Note from Mom and you can now use your bed to sleep.

Gran-Gran's Armor[edit]

Noel gives you Note from Mom when you talk to her at The Lodge.
Mom found Gran-Gran's Space Helmet and Gran-Gran's Spacesuit and gives it to you.

Poker Win[edit]

Noel gives you News from Dad when you talk to her at The Lodge.
Dad has won a starship at poker night and gives it to you.

Granpa's Meatloaf[edit]

Dad reveals the recipie for Grandpa's Meatloaf.

The Lodge[edit]

Mom and Dad visit the Lodge and Dad gives you Sir Livingstone's Pistol.


  • "2% of your credits" is only correct if you have 25000 credits or fewer. The payment is capped at 500 credits.