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Item: Antimony (0000557B)
Type Resource - Inorganic
Editor ID InorgExoticAntimony
Mass 0.60 Value Credit.png30
Uses Crafting Component Template:Quality Icon Exotic
Antimony (Sb)

Exotic inorganic resource.



Name Type Station
Flechette Rounds Magazine and Battery Mod Weapon Workbench
Penetrator Rounds Magazine and Battery Mod Weapon Workbench



Planet/Moon Star System Available Resources
Indum III-a Indum H2O, Cu, Sb
Indum IV-d Indum H2O, Cl, Cu, Fe, F, Au, Ta, Sb
Gasparis Lunara H2O, Cu, F, Au, Sb
Beta Marae V-b Beta Marae H2O, Cu, Sb
Maheo VII Maheo H2O, Cu, F, Sb
Beta Andraste I-c Beta Andraste H2O, Cu, Au, Sb
Moloch III Moloch H2O, Cu, Pb, Ar, F, R-COOH, Sb
Muphrid VI-d Muphrid H2O, Cu, F, Sb
Muphrid VII-a Muphrid H2O, Cu, Sb
Muphrid VII-b Muphrid H2O, Cu, Ni, Fe, U, F, Co, Sb
Porrima V-c Porrima H2O, Cu, Au, Sb
Ixyll II Ixyll H2O, Cl, Cu, Fe, SiH3Cl, HnCn, Au, Sb
Ixyll VII-a Ixyll H2O, He-3, Al, Cu, U, Be, F, Sb
Rutherford VI-b Rutherford H2O, Cu, Sb
Xi Ophiuchi III Xi Ophiuchi Cu, Fe, U, F, HnCn, Ir, Sb, Yb
Zeta Ophiuchi VI-a Zeta Ophiuchi H2O, Cu, Fe, Pb, U, F, Au, Sb
Feynman VIII-b Feynman H2O, Cu, F, Au, Sb
Maal IX-b Maal H2O, Cl, Cu, U, V, Sb
Bel II-a Bel H2O, Cu, Ni, Fe, U, Co, HnCn, Sb
Foucault VI-e Foucault H2O, Cu, F, Au, Sb
Kang VI Kang H2O, Cu, Pb, Ti, Sb
Nemeria IV-a Nemeria H2O, Al, Cu, Pb, Ar, C6Hn, F, Sb
Nemeria VI-d Nemeria H2O, Cu, F, Au, Sb
Charybdis V Charybdis H2O, Cl, Cu, Pb, W, Au, Ti, Sb
Bohr IV Bohr Cu, Ni, U, F, Co, Au, Pt, Sb