This page provides information on various maps in Starfield.

POIs, Icons and Discovered statesEdit

Most icons on Starfield maps are Points Of Interest (POI). Places where player can do some activity.

POIs can have "Undiscovered" status - unvisited, "Discovered" status - visited, or one of states between (semi-discovered).

Undiscovered POIs have dark icons   Undiscovered unknown Starstation

Discovered POIs change to light icons   Discovered visited Starstation

For different kinds of POIs the process of discovering is different, and can have several stages.

Example of base on planet's surfaceEdit

  • First shows up on player's radar like this, titled "Unknown".
  • When scanned from distance it turns to this icon (Undiscovered Industrial base type of Structure), and title changes to "Structure".
  • When you walk to the very edge of the base, game pops up a big discovery message telling you full name of the place, eg. "Abandoned relay station".
    Icon stays dark - Undiscovered.
  • Only when you actually run around the base, get inside etc. the icon turns to this discovered light version.

    Landmarks   and Planet Trait POIs have similar multi-stage discovery process.

    Most POIs in space turn Discovered when you simply travel to them or to orbit of their planet.

    Map IconsEdit

    General - Important
    Map Icon Short description Description Found on
    U V
    City marker
    (in starmap)
    Displays in star system map (orrery) above a planet.

    There is a major city or large settlement on the planet. Usualy with Starport, ship building, Trade authority terminal and vendors.
    (in starmap)
    Displays in star system map (orrery) above a planet.

    There is one or more player built outposts on the planet.
    Unknown Point Of Interest Displays in star system map (orrery) as three white dots over a planet.

    There is a pre-discovered Point Of Interest on the planet. Abandoned Base / Settlement / ..
    A point you can land on.
        Staryard Bigger space station that sells (and buys) starships orbits the planet. Also offers ship building. Often sells special ship modules. Starmap
        Starstation Bigger space station orbits the planet. Can be docked with and entered. Starmap
        Starstation Space station orbits the planet. Can be docked with and entered. Starmap
        Ship A POI in space with encounter with another spaceship. Can be friendly or hostile. Starmap
        Legendary ship A POI in space where Legendary ship is located. Starmap
        Debris field Contain lootable wreckages of ships and containers. Starmap
        Derelict ship Can usually be docked with and entered. Starmap
        Space graveyard Starmap
        Surface settlement Major towns and similar important settlements - smaller than a city but larger than an outpost. Starmap Surface map Scanner
      Outpost Player built outpost. Surface map Scanner
      Destination A point you marked as landing spot for your spaceship. Surface map Scanner
    Map Icon Short description Description Found on
    U V
        New Atlantis Capital city of United Colonies, located on the planet Jemison, in the Alpha Centauri System. Starmap Surface map Scanner
        The Eye Space station owned by Constellation, orbiting planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System. Starmap
        Cydonia Major city on Mars. Starmap Surface map Scanner
        Akila city Capital city of the Freestar Collective. Starmap Surface map Scanner
        Neon Major city on planet Volii Alpha in the Volii System. Starmap Surface map Scanner
        UC Vigilance United Colonies capital ship. Starmap
        The Key Space station in Kryx System that serves as the Crimson Fleet headquarters. Starmap Surface map Scanner
        The Unity
        NASA Nova Galactic and NASA related Point Of Interest. Space station, Base, Landmark etc. Starmap Surface map Scanner
    Special - districts & building
    Map Icon Short description Description Found on
    U V
        The Lodge Building of Constellation's headquarters in New Atlantis. Surface map Scanner
        MAST MAST district of New Atlantis city. Surface map Scanner
        Ryujin Industries A POI related to the mega-corporation. Also marks it's headquarters in Neon city. Surface map Scanner
        The Rock A large building in the center of Akila City, hosting services and the Freestar Rangers' headquarters. Surface map Scanner
    Map Icon Short description Description Found on
    U V
    Unknown Point Of Interest on a planet, that was not yet identified (by scanning it). Starmap Surface map Scanner
        Landing area
    Landed ship
    Used both for a location on a planet where your ship is currently landed, has previously landed, and a location where other spaceship is currently landed. Surface map Scanner
      Starport When next to a city marks that the city has Starport, usually with ship building and Trade terminal. Starmap Surface map Scanner
        Rocky asteroids Marks asteroid field in space.
    Asteroids can be mined by shooting them and collecting the resources.
        Icy asteroids Starmap
      Extractor (Player built) mining machine on planet surface. Surface map Scanner
        Cave Cave on planet surface. Resources can be mined there. Also often part of quests. Surface map Scanner
        Settlement Small settlement on a planet surface. Usually has a vendor and offers basic generated quests. Starmap Surface map Scanner
        Science lab Starmap Surface map Scanner
        Military base Surface map Scanner
        Mining base Surface map Scanner
        Industrial base Surface map Scanner
        Farm Surface map Scanner
        Comms tower Surface map Scanner
        Crashed starship Wreckage of spaceship crashed on planet surface.
    Can be looted for various item and contain logs.
    Surface map Scanner
        Landmark Unspecified landmark on a surface of a planet.
    Possible planet Trait location.
        Landmark - Natural Surface map Scanner
        Landmark - Crystal grotto Surface map Scanner
        Landmark - Fractured earth Surface map Scanner
        Landmark - Mech graveyard Surface map Scanner
        Landmark - Mountain peak Surface map Scanner
        Life signs Point Of Interest on planet's surface where planet Trait is located. Starmap Scanner
        Life signs - Animal den Surface map Scanner
        Life signs - Coral colony Surface map Scanner
        Life signs - Fossil outcropping Surface map Scanner
        Life signs - Frozen water source Surface map Scanner
        Geysers Surface map Scanner
        Acid fog Surface map Scanner
        Boiling hot springs Surface map Scanner
        Radiation zone
        Starborn Temple Starmap Surface map Scanner
        Starborn temple obelisk Surface map Scanner
        Beacon Surface map Scanner
        Colony Surface map Scanner
        Distress call