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Unused content is content that is unreleased, scrapped or unavailable to the player through normal gameplay.

Gameplay Features[edit]

  • Fuel
  • The player Traits Monogamous and Polygamous.
  • The player Skills
  • Minibots
    • While present as decorative NPCs, the Perks Crew_Outpost_MinibotGarden and Crew_Outpost_MinibotSanitation indicate that at some point they were planned to be hirable to work at your outpost.
    • A Garden Minibot would boost organic production for a workshop by 10% at rank 1, 20% at rank 2, and 30% at rank 3.
    • A Sanitation Minibot would boost inorganic production (Non manufactured/organic Gas, liquid or solid) by 10% at rank 1. No other ranks exist.
  • Class M Ship Modules.
  • Asteroid belts.




  • The Locke Gang, an unknown gang which operated an unground base.
    • The inaccessible cell OLDLC007LockeGangHideout still exists, which is now full of Crimson Fleet members and a few Shaw Gang members.
    • The key Simulator Admin Systems Keycard, still used during the mission SF-qico-UC Vanguard.svgSupra et Ultra, seems to have been originally used to access the Locke gang cave.
    • The faction MQ103LockeBodyguardFaction still exists in the game but is populated by Shaw gang members. This indicates that the Locke gang was likely merged with the Shaw gang, or that the Shaw gang was initially called the Locke gang.