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The power select menu

The Artifacts can grant you mysterious powers, which can gain further effects. They are described as "profound cosmic powers". Powers are unlocked after sufficiently progressing the Main Mission.

There are also AI variants of powers for NPCs.


Listed below are all the known Powers. Each may be found and 'upgraded' 10 times each (through each iteration of the Starborn NG).

Name Temple Power Usage Description Upgrade(s)
SF-icon-Alien Reanimation.png Alien Reanimation Temple Phi 35 Life, gift of the cosmos, granted once more to a fallen alien beast, so that it may serve thankfully. No Change
SF-icon-Anti-Gravity Field.png Anti-Gravity Field Temple Eta 45 Generate a localized field of intense low gravity, and behold a planet's true power. Reduced cost
SF-icon-Create Vacuum.png Create Vacuum Temple Gamma 25 Oxygen, fuel of humanity, is withdrawn from a localized area at your command. Increased Damage
SF-icon-Creators' Peace.png Creators' Peace Temple Nu 25 Fill your foes with the silent calm of the universe, compelling them to temporarily abandon their weapons. No Change
SF-icon-Earthbound.png Earthbound Temple Mu 15 Earth, the cradle of humanity, shares its gravity in an area of your choosing. Increased Duration
SF-icon-Elemental Pull.png Elemental Pull Temple Psi 25 Elements, the true treasure of planet and moon, are drawn to your being. Reduced Cost, Increased Area of Effect
SF-icon-Eternal Harvest.png Eternal Harvest Temple Lambda 25 What has blossomed will bloom once more, ripe for the picking. Increased Area of Effect, Reduced Cost
SF-icon-Grav Dash.png Grav Dash Temple Zeta 15 Manipulate gravity to propel yourself forward, and briefly increase any damage you inflict. Increased Distance and Damage Bonus Magnitude and Duration
SF-icon-Gravity Wave.png Gravity Wave Temple Beta 25 Emit a gravitational force strong enough to propel almost anything... or anyone. No Change
SF-icon-Gravity Well.png Gravity Well Temple Delta 45 Generate a focal point of crushing gravity that draws in anyone caught in its field. Reduced Cost, Increased Damage
SF-icon-Inner Demon.png Inner Demon Temple Upsilon 35 Tap into the endless multiverse, and summon forth a friendly duplicate of an unfriendly foe. Increased Duration
SF-icon-Life Forced.png Life Forced Temple Pi 25 Transfer the very lifeforce of an enemy, harming them while healing yourself. Increased Damage and Heal
SF-icon-Moon Form.png Moon Form Temple Rho 35 Channel the energy of Luna, Earth's beautiful moon, to be as unmoving and resilient as stone. Increased Duration
SF-icon-Parallel Self.png Parallel Self Temple Sigma 45 From across the vast multiverse, a friendly version of yourself arrives, armed and ready to lend aid. No Change
SF-icon-Particle Beam.png Particle Beam Temple Omega 15 Emit a powerful ray of cosmic energy, dealing terrifying damage to a single target. Increased Damage
SF-icon-Personal Atmosphere.png Personal Atmosphere Temple Alpha 45 Oxygen, pure and clean, brought forth to breathe deep and counteract harmful carbon dioxide. Reduced Cost
SF-icon-Phased Time.png Phased Time Temple Epsilon 45 Time itself is yours to manipulate, as you slow the world... and all those in it. Reduced Cost, Increased Duration
SF-icon-Precognition.png Precognition Temple Iota 35 Bend time and glimpse the future, seeing the path someone will walk and the words they may say. Reduced Cost
SF-icon-Reactive Shield.png Reactive Shield Temple Tau 35 Form a shield of pure cosmic light that can weaken and even reflect enemy projectiles. Reduced Cost
SF-icon-Sense Star Stuff.png Sense Star Stuff Temple Chi 15 Bind yourself to the particles of creation, sensing the life force of any human, alien, or Starborn. Increased Range
SF-icon-Solar Flare.png Solar Flare Temple Theta 25 Tap into the power of a sun and release a directed orb of searing hot plasma. Reduced Cost
SF-icon-Sunless Space.png Sunless Space Temple Kappa 35 Introduce your enemies to the cold of space, freezing them in their tracks. Reduced Cost, Increased Duration
SF-icon-Supernova.png Supernova Temple Xi 45 Cosmic energy explodes around you, with the terrible force of a dying star. Increased Damage
SF-icon-Void Form.png Void Form Temple Omicron 45 Channel the very darkness of space, rendering yourself nearly invisible to those around you. Reduced Cost

Modifying Powers via Command Line[edit]

To give yourself a power, you can use the Console command player.addspell ID. The ID in this command is referred to as the "Base ID" in power-specific articles.

Once given, the power will be at the first rank. To level up the rank, you need to use the command player.addperk ID. The ID in this command is referred to as the "Perk ID" in power specific articles. Each time this command is run the power will level up one rank, up to a max of nine times (rank ten).

Powers List[edit]

Name FormID EditorID Description
Alien Reanimation 0x0000CE5C LC165_ArtifactPowerReanimation_Ab Revives a dead alien to fight for you for <dur>.
Reactive Shield 0x00123ABC ArtifactPowerReactiveShield_EnergyResist_Effect Create a shield of antimatter that absorbs damage for <dur> seconds.
Reactive Shield 0x00123ABD ArtifactPowerReactiveShield_EnergyResist_AIUse Create a shield of antimatter that absorbs damage for <dur> seconds.
Fortify Damage 0x001253D5 FortifyDamageChems_20 +<mag>% Damage for <dur>
Creators' Peace: Calm 0x001258CF ArtifactPowerCreatorsPeace_Calm_Effect Rip weapons from the hands of enemies within <area>.
Creators' Peace: Hazard 0x00129DA7 ArtifactPowerCreatorsPeace_Hazard_Effect Rip weapons from the hands of enemies within <area>.
Grav Dash: Fortify Damage 0x00163F81 ArtifactPowerGravDash_FortifyDamage +<mag>% Damage for <dur>s
Personal Atmosphere 0x0016B565 ArtifactPowerPersonalAtmo_Effect_ab O2 reserves refill constantly for <dur>s
Personal Atmo: CO2 Recovery Rate 0x0016B567 ArtifactPowerPersonalAtmo_CO2RecoveryRate_ab +<mag> CO2 Recovery Rate for <dur>s
Personal Atmo: O2 Recovery Rate 0x0016B568 ArtifactPowerPersonalAtmo_O2RecoveryRate_ab +<mag> O2 Recovery Rate for <dur>s
Void Form 0x00187CA0 LC165_ArtifactPowerVoidForm_Ab Stealth Field for <dur> seconds.
Moon Form - EM Resist 0x001C8E2C ArtifactPowerMoonFormEMImmune Become incredibly resistant to Electromagnetic damage.
Moon Form - Thermal Resist 0x001C8E2D ArtifactPowerMoonFormThermalImmune Become incredibly resistant to Thermal environmental damage.
Moon Form - Radiation Resist 0x001C8E2E ArtifactPowerMoonFormRadiationImmune Become incredibly resistant to Radiation environmental damage.
Moon Form - Corrosive Resistance 0x001C8E2F ArtifactPowerMoonFormCorrosiveImmune Become incredibly resistant to Corrosive environmental damage.
Moon Form - Airborne Resist 0x001C8E30 ArtifactPowerMoonFormAirborneImmune Become incredibly resistant to Airborne environmental damage.
Gravity Well: Damage 0x001E70E9 ArtifactPowerGravWell_Damage Create a gravity anchor at a location
Gravity Well: Paralyze 0x001E70EB ArtifactPowerGravWell_Paralyze Create a gravity anchor at a location
Parallel Self Dummy Effect 0x0020FD05 ArtifactPowerParallelSelf_DummyEffect
Inner Demon Dummy Effect 0x0020FD07 ArtifactPowerInnerDemon_DummyEffect
Moon Form - Regenerate Health Combat 0x0021302F ArtifactPowerMoonForm_HealCombat
Moon Form - Heal 0x00213030 ArtifactPowerMoonForm_Heal Increases heal rate.
Moon Form - Stagger Resist 0x0022B2DC ArtifactPowerMoonFormStaggerResistance
Anti-Gravity Field - Low 0x0025E183 OLDArtifactPowerAntiGravityField_EffectLow Eliminates the force of gravity in a bubble around you for <dur>.
Inner Demon 0x00270587 ArtifactPowerInnerDemon_Effect Unleash someone's inner demon to fight alongside you for <dur> seconds.
Reactive Shield 0x0027E1C1 ArtifactPowerReactiveShield_Reflect_Effect Create a shield of antimatter that absorbs damage for <dur> seconds.
Sense Star Stuff: Starborn 0x0028D936 ArtifactPowerSenseStarBorn_Effect Detect Starborn.
Gravity Wave Push 0x002A0E97 ArtifactPowerGravWavePush_Effect Send out a powerful wave of gravity that knocks down foes in front of you.
Reactive Shield 0x002A630B ArtifactPowerReactiveShield_EMResist_Effect Create a shield of antimatter that absorbs damage for <dur> seconds.
Create Vacuum: Damage 0x002AB35E ArtifactPowerCreateVacuum_Effect Gutter the O2 supply of targets in the area for <dur>.
Lifeforce 0x002C5392 ArtifactPowerLifeForced_Effect Steal <mag> health from your target.
Eternal Harvest 0x002C5393 ArtifactPowerEternalHarvest_Effect Adds already-harvested resources back to an organic source for reharvesting
Reactive Shield 0x002C5395 ArtifactPowerReactiveShield_Resist_Effect Create a shield of antimatter that absorbs damage for <dur> seconds.
Precognition 0x002C5396 ArtifactPowerPrecognition_GuideEffect Predict target movement and thoughts for <dur>.
Gravity Well 0x002C5398 ArtifactPowerGravWell_Effect Create a gravity anchor at a location
Alien Reanimation 0x002C5A65 ArtifactPowerAlienReanimation_Effect Revives a dead creature to fight for you for <dur>.
Elemental Blast 0x002C5A68 ArtifactPowerElementalBlast_Effect Breaks resources apart for easy collection within a <area>m radius.
Sense Star Stuff: Non-Starborn 0x002C5A69 ArtifactPowerSenseNon-Starborn_Effect Detect living creatures for <dur> seconds.
Parallel Self 0x002C5A6A ArtifactPowerParallelSelf_Effect Create a breach through universes to beckon yourself for aid for <dur> seconds.
Moon Form - Rooted 0x002C5A6B ArtifactPowerMoonFormRooted
Moon Form - Energy Resist 0x002C5A6C ArtifactPowerMoonFormEnergyImmune Become incredibly resistant to Energy damage.
Moon Form - Physical Resist 0x002C5A6D ArtifactPowerMoonFormPhysImmune
Supernova 0x002C5A6E ArtifactPowerSupernova_Effect <mag> damage to targets around you in a <area>m radius.
Creators' Peace: Disarm 0x002C5A6F ArtifactPowerCreatorsPeace_Disarm_Effect Rip weapons from the hands of enemies within <area>.
Phased Time 0x002C5A71 ArtifactPowerPhasedTime_Effect Slows time for <dur> seconds.
Sunless Space 0x002C5A7A ArtifactPowerSunlessSpace_Effect Freezes target for <dur>.
Earthbound 0x002C5A7E ArtifactPowerEarthbound_Effect Normalizes your gravity to Earth's for <dur>.
Create Vacuum: Stagger 0x002C5A7F ArtifactPowerCreateVacuumStagger_Effect
Personal Atmosphere 0x002C5A80 ArtifactPowerPersonalAtmo_Effect O2 reserves refill constantly for <dur>s
Solar Flare 0x002C5A81 ArtifactPowerSolarFlare_Effect Target burns for <mag> damage per second
Instigation: Xeno 0x002C5A88 SocialSkill_Xeno_Instigation
Void Form 0x002C7788 ArtifactPowerVoidForm_Effect Cloak yourself in the void and become invisible for <dur> seconds.
Particle Beam 0x002C7789 ArtifactPowerParticleBeam_Effect Unleash a power beam of particle damage in front of you.
Gravity Dash 0x002C778D ArtifactPowerGravDash_Effect Dash forward a large distance.
Gravity Wave Stagger 0x002CF292 ArtifactPowerGravWaveStagger_Effect
Grav Well Deploy 0x002EDE96 ArtifactPowerGravWell_DeployEffect
Grav Wave: Slow 0x002EDE97 ArtifactPowerGravWave_Slow
Anti Gravity Hazard 0x002EDF26 ArtifactPowerAntiGravityField_HazardEffect
Anti Gravity Deploy 0x002F3E08 ArtifactPowerAntiGravityField_DeployEffect Creates an area of zero-G for <dur> in a <area>m area.
Precognition 0x002FCCBB ArtifactPowerPrecognition_Effect
Create Vacuum: Slow 0x0032340E ArtifactPowerCreateVacuumSlow


  • The powers menu will sometimes say "# undiscovered temples" even after the player has discovered all temples.