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Contracting an Affliction causes you to suffer from various negative effects. There are two types of Afflictions: Injuries, which are gained from physical activities like falling from a great height, and Infections, which are gained from creature attacks and biological hazards.

Basic Afflictions have a single symptom. Acute and Severe Afflictions have additional symptoms. If you would gain an Affliction but already have it, its severity worsens instead.

A rating from Poor to Excellent describes the chance for your body to heal and remove an Affliction without treatment. The better the prognosis, the greater the chance an Affliction will heal. Afflictions have no chance to heal on their own until they reach "Stable" or better prognosis. A Poor prognosis comes with no chance for healing, but your prognosis will improve over time, from Poor to Stable to Good to Excellent. Your chance of Afflictions healing themselves increase with each step. If you would gain an Affliction but already have it, its prognosis will reset back to Poor.

Treating afflictions[edit]

Afflictions on your character needing treatment will show as treatment needed icons on the left side of the inner ring of your watch. Various Aid items can be used to treat Afflictions. Doctors located throughout the Settled Systems can also remove all your Afflictions, for a fee.

Treatments Afflictions Aid Items
Infections Antibiotic Cocktail, Antibiotics, Panacea, Penicillin X
Contusions, Lacerations, and Puncture Wounds Bandages, Panacea, Repairing Immobilizer, Zipper Bandages
Brain Injury, Concussion, Heatstroke, Hernia, Hypothermia, Lung Damage, Poisoning, and Radiation Poisoning Antibiotic Injector, Boosted Injector, Injector, Panacea, Snake Oil
Dislocated Limb, Fractured Limb, Fractured Skull, Sprain, and Torn Muscle Anchored Immobilizers, Immobilizer, Panacea, Repairing Immobilizer
Burns and Frostbite Analgesic Poultice, Antibiotic Paste, Heal Gel, Heal Paste, Infused Bandages, Panacea
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