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There are several ways to make money in Starfield.

NOTE: this page is not intended to list every trivial method of making money; only the most lucrative strategies are included below.

NOTE: the 'Commerce' skill is a worthwhile investment for any player looking to make money in Starfield.

Here are the most lucrative strategies for making money in Starfield:


The outpost takes more setup initially but makes earning credits easier in the long run.

Quick Walkthrough

  • Purchase initial supplies as needed. NOTE: Neon Core has a mineral store and outfitters store very near the elevator with lots of resources and building components.
  • Find a planet with both Iron and Aluminum. A sortable list of planets grouped by Resources can be found here: Planets by Resource
  • However, the planet Bessel_III-b in the Bessel System works best for this because 1 hour there is equal to 57 hours UT, so waiting in a chair or sleeping in bed will result in more resources.
  • Either find an output location with both resources or link two outposts on the same planet.
  • Place harvesters, storage containers, chair or bed, and industrial workbench
  • Wait in a chair or bed

Looting and pickpocketing[edit]

  • The mission boards will guarantee a point of interest to loot, this can be very fast if the player is skilled in combat.

Unlocking safes and vaults[edit]

Generally not the fastest way to earn significant credits in Starfield.

  • Galbank ATMS in New Atlantis and Akilla City will provide guaranteed opportunities for crime.
  • There are also safes to unlock in the abandoned casino called The Almagest in space above the planet Nesoi in the Olympus

Planetary Scans[edit]

  • Scan data can be sold to Val in The Eye after reaching a certain point in the main quest.
  • Many planets without Flora or Fauna can be scanned quickly.

Bounty Missions[edit]

  • For players good at space combat it can be fairly quick to take a mission to destroy a certain ship and fast travel there for speedy completion.

Smuggling and Contraband[edit]

  • When seeking to sell contraband, the Trade Authority merchant on the The Den Spacestation in the Wolf System can be reached without a ship scan upon entering the system.
  • Also, smuggling missions usually require large amounts of ship storage.

Boarding and taking over ships[edit]

Quick Walkthrough

  • Disable the last remaining enemy ship.
    • Disabling ships can be made easier by using EM weapons or by using targeting mode to target the engines.
  • Dock and board the ship.
  • Murder everyone on board in the face.
  • Sit in pilots chair
  • NOTE: pay the registration fee from the pilot's chair not the landing pad, and it will be slightly cheaper.

The registration fee is 82% of the vehicles worth, so the net gain is a fraction of the ship's worth.

However, for larger ships with values greater than hundreds of thousands of credits, the player can still net tens of thousands.