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Loading screens appear when a new area is loaded with a full transition from a previous area to a new one. A message will appear, which may be helpful, especially to new players. Depending on how long the game takes to load, multiple messages may be displayed. Some messages only appear under certain conditions. If a condition is satisfied, that image will appear (e.g., the character generation message will always appear during a new game). Most of the load screens with conditions therefore have a percentage chance of appearing, in order to make them more or less likely to appear under certain circumstances, but still allow some randomness. If no conditions are satisfied, one of the remaining load screens is selected at random.

FormID EditorID Description Icon
0x0002AA26 LS_GeneralGameplay02 Anger someone you shouldn't have? Leave the area for a day (though if you have a high bounty, local guards will still remember what you did). Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0003E1E4 LS_ShipCriticalHit Critical hits against an enemy ship can rarely kill its entire crew, leaving it "dead in the water." Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\
0x0005B3D3 LS_LoreTimeline02 History of the Settled Systems - Sol Date: 2176
With production of the psychotropic chem Aurora in full swing, the enormous Xenofresh Industries fishing rig becomes the pleasure city of Neon.
0x0005B3D4 LS_LoreTimeline03 History of the Settled Systems - Sol Date: 2196-2216
The United Colonies moves a starstation into the neutral system of Narion, sparking a war with the Freestar Collective that drags on for 16 years.
0x0005B3D5 LS_LoreTimeline04 History of the Settled Systems - Sol Date: 2308-2311
When the United Colonies accuses the Freestar Collective of violating the Treaty of Narion, the result is the short, bloody, vindictive Colony War.
0x0005B3D6 LS_LoreTimeline05 History of the Settled Systems - Sol Date: 2240-2263
House Va'ruun wages the Serpent's Crusade, a campaign of open violence against every other faction in the Settled Systems.
0x0005B3D7 LS_LoreTimeline06 History of the Settled Systems - Sol Date: 2241
After leading a successful revolt and escape from the prison on Suvorov, Jasper Kryx dubs his new collection of stolen ships the Crimson Fleet.
0x0005B3D8 LS_LoreTimeline07 History of the Settled Systems - Sol Date: 2275
Sebastian Banks, ancestor of explorer John Banks, founds Constellation, an organization dedicated to the exploration of the Milky Way galaxy.
0x0005B3D9 LS_LoreTimeline08 History of the Settled Systems - Sol Date: 2315
The United Colonies founds the UC Vanguard, a privateer navy utilizing independent captains piloting their own ships.
0x0005B3DA LS_LoreTimeline10 History of the Settled Systems - Sol Date: 2311
Ryujin Industries completes construction of Ryujin Tower in Neon, firmly establishing itself as the most powerful megacorp in the Settled Systems.
0x0005B3DB LS_LoreTimeline09 History of the Settled Systems - Sol Date: 2231
The Freestar Collective Council of Governors votes to create the Freestar Rangers, a law enforcement agency with far-reaching authority.
0x0006587B LS_Ship47 You can trade with most civilian starships by hailing them. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00070E72 LS_SpacesuitResistance Spacesuit resistances are less effective in extreme environments and weather. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0007C499 LS_Ship44 Your ship's target reticle will briefly pulse red whenever you inflict hull damage on the enemy. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x0007C49A LS_Ship45 Your ship's target reticle will briefly pulse blue whenever you inflict shield damage on the enemy. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x0007C49B LS_Ship46 The most valuable items on any enemy ship are stored in the Captain's Locker, located in the cockpit. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x000C8C97 LS_VS_NE_Lodge Built in 2275 by Constellation founder Sebastian Banks, the Lodge serves as the organization's headquarters, and home to any member who needs one. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x000C8C98 LS_VS_NE_MASTDistrict The MAST district was named for the Military, Administrative and Scientific Triumvirate building, which stands as not only the center of New Atlantis, but the United Colonies as a whole. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x000C8C99 LS_VS_NE_SpaceportDistrict The Spaceport District of New Atlantis sees more space traffic than anywhere else in the Settled Systems, and the NAT train allows visitors and citizens alike to quickly visit any other area of the city. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x000C8C9A LS_VS_NewAtlantis New Atlantis is the capital of the United Colonies. It was founded in 2156, the same year humans first reached Alpha Centauri and set down on the planet they named Jemison. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x000C8C9B LS_VS_AbandonedBases The Settled Systems is littered with abandoned outposts, bases and research stations, most of them military leftovers from the two great galactic wars. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x000C8C9C LS_VS_Planets_Moons Vectera is but one of the hundreds of planets and moons in the Settled Systems, many of which hold untold adventure, mystery... and danger. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x000C8C9D LS_VS_CrimsonFleet The Crimson Fleet is a loose confederation of independent pirate groups that frequently cause trouble throughout the Settled Systems. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\
0x000CFF75 LS_Outposts17 Outposts can be built throughout the Settled Systems, on any planet or moon with a solid surface. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x00133064 LS_GeneralGameplay08 The chem Synapse Alpha will temporarily lower the cost of any research you need to conduct. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001603FC LS_WeaponMod01 Adding Electromagnetic Beams to any energy weapon will change the deadly effect of its beam to a non-lethal stun. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x00185666 LS_Stealth02 Enemies may investigate nearby explosions and projectile impacts. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x00185667 LS_Smuggling04 The Payloads skill will make guard ships less likely to detect contraband. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185668 LS_Smuggling03 The closer your contraband weight is to your ship's Shielded Cargo capacity, the more likely it is to be detected by a contraband scan. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185669 LS_Smuggling02 Only contraband in your ship's cargo hold will be protected by its Shielded Cargo capacity. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018566A LS_Smuggling01 If you are carrying contraband in your personal inventory, it will always be detected by a contraband scan. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\eye\
0x0018566B LS_Outposts16 The Zoology skill reduces the number of times you need to scan animals and reveal additional information about them, like strengths and weaknesses. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018566C LS_Outposts15 The Zoology skill allows you to produce organic resources from native creatures at your outposts. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018566D LS_Outposts14 If you have an outpost containing fuel (He3) it will extend the range your ship can go in a single plotted Grav Jump. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018566E LS_Outposts13 You can use output links to move resources from Extractors and Builders into storage containers. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x0018566F LS_Outposts12 Use output links to supply outpost Builders with the resources they need to produce. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x00185670 LS_Outposts11 Use cargo links to move resources from one outpost to another. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x00185671 LS_Outposts10 The Outpost Engineering skill allows you to research more advanced outpost objects to build. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x00185672 LS_Outposts09 The Surveying skill reduces the number of scans needed to gain information from plants. The higher the skill, the fewer the scans that are needed. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185673 LS_Outposts08 A higher Surveying skill increases the range of your hand scanner. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185674 LS_Outposts07 A higher Scanning skill lets you see the location of rarer resources when scanning a planet from orbit. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x00185675 LS_Outposts06 A higher Outpost Management skill allows you to build more Crew Stations. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x00185676 LS_Outposts05 Build Crew Stations to assign crew to your outposts. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x00185677 LS_Outposts04 Build a Transfer Container at your outpost to allow you to transfer cargo between your ship and your outpost. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x00185678 LS_Outposts03 Build a Scan Booster at your outpost to greatly increase the range of your hand scanner. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x00185679 LS_Outposts02 The Botany skill reduces the number of times you need to scan plants, and allows you to reveal whether they can be domesticated at your outposts. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x0018567A LS_Crime03 You can yield to guards if you holster your weapon immediately after starting a fight with them. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x0018567B LS_Crime02 You can hail guard ships in combat if you want to surrender to them. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x0018567C LS_Outposts01 The Botany skill allows you to produce organic resources from native plants at your outposts. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x0018567E LS_TridentLL01 Trident Luxury Lines offers some of the best tours of the Settled Systems. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018567F LS_Taiyo02 Taiyo Astroneering fans love the manufacturer's marriage of form and function. Their ships are regarded by enthusiasts as works of art. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185680 LS_Taiyo01 Taiyo has excelled at creating a dedicated audience that anxiously await the next year's model. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185681 LS_StroudEklund02 Stroud-Eklund's ships are revolutionary in many ways, but intense competition has leveled the playing field. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\
0x00185682 LS_StroudEklund01 Stroud-Eklund has quickly become a major new ship manufacturer, thanks to a huge influx of start-up capital. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\lodge\
0x00185683 LS_HopeTech03 Ron Hope was a blue-collar deep space hauler who spent his life savings to establish HopeTech. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185684 LS_HopeTech02 HopeTech's marketing proudly refers to their ships as "Trucks in space!" Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185685 LS_HopeTech01 HopeTech's ships may not be glamorous, but they are dependable. The ship of choice for cargo hauling. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185686 LS_Deimos02 Deimos Staryard has manufactured military starships for the United Colonies for over a century. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185687 LS_Deimos01 Although Deimos Staryard is closely tied to the United Colonies, they sell their ships to everyone. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185688 LS_Skill62 The Zoology skill gives you a chance to find rarer components from creatures. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\
0x00185689 LS_Skill61 The Wellness skill increases your maximum Health. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x0018568A LS_Skill60 The Weight Lifting skill increases your total carrying capacity. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018568B LS_Skill59 The Automated Weapon Systems skill increases your ship's turret damage. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018568C LS_Skill58 The Theft skill allows you to pickpocket items from people. The final rank allows you to steal equipped weapons. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic
0x0018568D LS_Skill57 The Targeting Control Systems skill reduces the time it takes to lock on to an enemy target. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018568E LS_Skill56 The Targeting skill increases accuracy and range when firing from the hip. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x0018568F LS_Skill55 The Stealth skill makes it more difficult for enemies to detect you. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x00185690 LS_Skill54 The Starship Engineering skill increases your ship's repair speed. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185691 LS_Skill53 The Sniper Certification skill increases scoped weapon aim stability, breath hold time, and damage. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x00185692 LS_Skill52 The Shotgun Certification skill increases the damage of shotguns. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185693 LS_Skill51 The Ship Command skill allows for a larger complement of crew on your spaceship. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x00185694 LS_Skill50 The Shield Systems skill increases your ship's total shield capacity. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185695 LS_Skill49 The Sharpshooting skill increases headshot and critical hit damage. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x00185696 LS_Skill48 The Security skill allows improved terminals and electronic locks to be hacked. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\eye\
0x00185697 LS_Skill47 The Scanning skill gives you a chance to find rarer inorganic resources on planets. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x00185698 LS_Skill46 The Rifle Certification skill increases the damage of rifles. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x00185699 LS_Skill45 The Rejuvenation skill increases the recovery speed of health. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\eye\
0x0018569A LS_Skill44 The Rapid Reloading skill increases your reload speed. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018569C LS_Skill42 The Pistol Certification skill increases the damage of pistols. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x0018569D LS_Skill41 The Piloting skill unlocks lateral thrusters and allows you to pilot more advanced ships. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x0018569E LS_Skill40 The Persuasion skill improves your chances of winning someone over in dialogue. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic
0x0018569F LS_Skill39 The Payloads skill increases the cargo space on your ship. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x001856A0 LS_Skill38 The Particle Beams skill increases the damage of particle beam weapons. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856A1 LS_Skill37 The Particle Beam Weapon Systems skill increases the damage of your ship's particle beam weapons. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856A2 LS_Skill36 The Pain Tolerance skill decreases physical damage taken. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x001856A3 LS_Skill35 The Outpost Management skill allows you to improve your outposts by placing additional cargo links, building more robots, hiring additional crew, and more. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x001856A4 LS_Skill34 The Nutrition skill makes food and drink more effective. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\lodge\
0x001856A5 LS_Skill33 The Neurostrikes skill gives a chance to stun and increase EM damage to an enemy. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x001856A6 LS_Skill32 The Negotiation skill allows you to bribe people to persuade them. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic
0x001856A7 LS_Skill31 The Missile Weapon Systems skill increases damage from ship missile weapons. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856A9 LS_Skill29 The Medicine skill increases the amount of healing provided by Med Packs, Trauma Packs, and Emergency Kits. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x001856AA LS_Skill28 The Martial Arts skill allows unarmed attacks to stagger and disarm an opponent. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x001856AB LS_Skill27 The Marksmanship skill increases the critical hit chance for non-automatic ranged weapons. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x001856AC LS_Skill26 The Lasers skill increases the damage of energy weapons. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856AD LS_Skill25 The Isolation skill increases weapon damage and armor when you don't have crew or companions. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856AE LS_Skill24 The Incapacitation skill makes EM weapons more effective. EM damage is non-lethal to humans, and can lead to immobilization. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\eye\
0x001856AF LS_Skill23 The first rank of the Gymnastics skill reduces fall damage, and unlocks the ability to "combat slide." Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x001856B0 LS_Skill22 The Geology skill gives a chance to find even more inorganic components from ground objects. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x001856B1 LS_Skill21 The Fitness skill increases your available oxygen. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856B2 LS_Skill20 The Environmental Conditioning skill decreases the amount of environmental damage taken. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x001856B3 LS_Skill19 The Energy Weapon Systems skill increases damage dealt by your ship's energy weapons. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x001856B4 LS_Skill18 The EM Weapon Systems skill increases damage dealt by your ship's EM weapons. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856B5 LS_Skill17 Melee weapons do more damage when you have the Dueling skill. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x001856B7 LS_Skill15 The Demolitions skill causes explosives to do more damage and affect a greater radius. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x001856B8 LS_Skill14 The Crippling skill causes enemies to be downed faster. Downed enemies take more damage. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x001856B9 LS_Skill13 The Concealment skill offers a variety of stealth-related benefits, like no longer triggering mines, doing more damage while sneak attacking, and even entering a camouflaged state. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x001856BA LS_Skill12 The Commerce skill allows you to buy and sell items and resources for better prices. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic
0x001856BB LS_Skill11 The Energy Weapon Dissipation skill reduces the damage taken from energy weapons. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856BC LS_Skill10 The Boxing skill increases the damage of unarmed attacks. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x001856BD LS_Skill09 The Botany skill gives a chance to find rarer organic components from plants. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856BE LS_Skill08 The Engine Systems skill makes boosts last considerably longer. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856C0 LS_Skill06 Ballistic weapons do more damage with the Ballistics skill. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x001856C1 LS_Skill05 The Ballistic Weapon Systems skill increases ballistic damage dealt by ship weapons. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856C3 LS_Skill03 The Astrodynamics skill decreases fuel cost and increases Grav Jump range. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856C4 LS_Skill02 With the Armor Penetration skill, attacks ignore a percentage of the target's armor. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856C5 LS_Skill01 The Aneutronic Fusion skill increases the amount of power a ship's reactor provides. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\eye\
0x001856C6 LS_Ship41 You must target a ship before you can hail it or dock with it. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856C8 LS_Ship39 When you're in Targeting Mode and have locked onto an enemy ship, you can choose which of its systems to target. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856C9 LS_Ship38 Using boost gives a ship a temporary speed increase. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856CA LS_Ship37 The hull of a ship can't be damaged until the shields are down. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856CB LS_Ship36 Target a ship by activating it when the reticle is over it. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856CD LS_Ship34 Your ship's maneuverability is affected by how fast you are traveling. Setting your throttle too fast or too slow will reduce your ship's turning speed. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856CE LS_Ship33 A ship cannot ordinarily jump more than 30 light years at a time. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856CF LS_Ship32 Heavier ships need more engines to move and turn quickly. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856D0 LS_Ship31 Heavier ships need larger grav drives to jump further. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856D1 LS_Ship30 Damaging a ship's hull may also damage one of its powered systems. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856D3 LS_Ship28 The class of a ship is based on its reactor class. Class C reactors provide the most power but have the lowest max speed. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856D4 LS_Ship27 A ship's weapons recharge slower when not fully powered. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856D6 LS_Ship25 A ship's turret is less accurate than its pilot-controlled weapons. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856D8 LS_Ship23 A ship's shields regenerate slowly. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856D9 LS_Ship22 You cannot install a ship module that is a higher class (A, B, or C) than the ship's reactor. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856DA LS_Ship21 A ship's reactor is the single source of power for an entire ship. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856DE LS_Ship17 A ship's particle weapons damage both hull and shields. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\
0x001856DF LS_Ship16 A ship's missile weapon can damage a hull, or shields, or both. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856E0 LS_Ship15 A ship's missile cannot track a target until its lock is at 100%. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856E4 LS_Ship11 Ship energy weapons are the most effective at damaging a target ship's shields. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856E5 LS_Ship10 A ship's EM weapons pass through shields to temporarily disable a powered system. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856E6 LS_Ship09 Any damaged ship system can be repaired by adding power to it. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856E9 LS_Ship06 Ship ballistic weapons are the most effective at dealing damage to a target ship's hull. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856EA LS_Ship05 A ship that is longer than 80 meters cannot land on a planet. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x001856EB LS_Ship04 A ship moves slower if its engines are not fully powered. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856EC LS_Ship03 A ship cannot have more crew than its crew stations or crew capacity can support. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x001856ED LS_Ship02 A ship can only have three weapons active at a time. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856EE LS_Ship01 A ship can only have one of each of these modules - reactor, shield generator, grav drive, docker, and cockpit. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x001856EF LS_RedDevilHQ01 Once one of the most feared shock trooper squads in the galaxy, the Red Devils were disbanded after the Colony War. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x001856F0 LS_RedMile01 The Red Mile is an infamous gambling den that offers one of the deadliest challenges in the Settled Systems. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\
0x001856F1 LS_Den01 The Den was destroyed by House Va'ruun during the Serpent's Crusade. It has recently been rebuilt. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856F2 LS_Waggoner01 Located on Montara Luna, Waggoner Farm is a typical Freestar Collective homestead. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856F3 LS_Key01 Suvorov was a prison planet. Starstation KE-725 (known as "The Key") was used by United Colonies forces to monitor the situation on the planet below. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856F4 LS_Paradiso01 Paradiso is one of the most beautiful and luxurious resorts in the Settled Systems. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856F5 LS_Clinic01 The Clinic is at the heart of the most cutting-edge medical research and treatment in the Settled Systems. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856F6 LS_TheLodge01 The founder of Constellation, Sebastian Banks, built the Lodge to serve as a base for the explorers. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\lodge\
0x001856F7 LS_NewHomestead01 On Saturn's largest moon, Titan, one of the oldest bases has been turned into a tourist attraction. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856F8 LS_Eye01 The Eye's powerful space telescope is used to perform deep space scans for Constellation. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\eye\
0x001856F9 LS_HopeTown01 Ron Hope built HopeTown to house and provide for his HopeTech workforce. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001856FA LS_Crucible01 Crucible does not appear on any star charts. What is here is a mystery. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856FB LS_Freestar06 The First Cavalry was a renowned Freestar Collective military unit that was destroyed at the Battle of Niira. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x001856FC LS_Planet31 You cannot land on gas giants or ice giants. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856FD LS_Planet30 You can scan a ship to get detailed information about it. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001856FF LS_Planet28 Type M, B, and A stars have the fewest planets. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x00185700 LS_Planet27 Type K, G, and F stars have the most planets. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185701 LS_Planet26 Tidal locked planets and moons always keep the same side to their star or planet. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185702 LS_Planet25 There are unique organic and inorganic resources that can only be found on specific planets. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185703 LS_Planet24 The Uranium family of inorganic resources includes Iridium, Vanadium, and Plutonium. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x00185704 LS_Planet23 The Nickel family of inorganic resources includes Cobalt, Platinum, and Palladium. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x00185705 LS_Planet22 The Lead family of inorganic resources includes Tungsten, Silver, Titanium, Mercury, and Dysprosium. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x00185706 LS_Planet21 The larger a planet's axial tilt, the more the length of the day will vary during the year. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185707 LS_Planet20 The Iron family of inorganic resources includes Alkanes, Tantalum, and Ytterbium. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x00185708 LS_Planet19 Helium-3 (He3) is the standard fuel for grav drives. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185709 LS_Planet18 The five classifications of resource scarcities are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Exotic, and Unique. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018570A LS_Planet17 The Copper family of inorganic resources includes Fluorine, Tetrafluorides, Gold, Ionic liquids, and Antimony. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x0018570B LS_Planet16 The Chlorine family of inorganic resources includes Chlorosilanes, Lithium, Xenon, and Caesium. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x0018570C LS_Planet15 The Argon family of inorganic resources includes Benzenes, Carboxylic acids, and Neon. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018570D LS_Planet14 The Aluminum family of inorganic resources includes Beryllium, Neodymium, and Europium. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018570E LS_Planet13 Targeting a planet or moon allows you to travel to it. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x0018570F LS_Planet12 Scanning a planet from space reveals where its resources are located. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\eye\
0x00185711 LS_Planet10 Organic resources are extracted from plants and animals. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x00185712 LS_Planet09 Life is usually found on planets and moons warm enough to have liquid water. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185713 LS_Planet08 Interplanetary travel does not expend fuel. Helium-3 is used exclusively for Grav Jumping. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185714 LS_Planet07 Inorganic resources are found in related groups that appear together on the surface. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x00185715 LS_Planet06 Inorganic resources are extracted from the ground or air. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x00185716 LS_Planet05 In rare cases, extremophile life forms can be found on otherwise uninhabitable planets and moons. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\
0x00185717 LS_Planet04 Helium-3 fuel is most commonly found on airless, rocky moons. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x00185718 LS_Planet03 Exotic inorganic resources occur on planets less often than other scarcities. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x00185719 LS_Planet02 All planets and moons have Common inorganic resources. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018571A LS_Planet01 A hostile ship can be boarded if its engines are disabled. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x0018571B LS_Mantis01 For over a century, there have been accounts of a vigilante bounty hunter named the Mantis who terrorizes the criminal underworld. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x0018571C LS_ECSConstant01 Some believe that colony ships may have left Earth before the discovery of the Grav Drive, and were lost and forgotten to the stars. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x0018571D LS_TradeAuthority02 The Trade Authority maintains neutrality with all factions to facilitate trade. Or so they say, at least. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x0018571E LS_TradeAuthority01 It's an open secret that the Trade Authority actively deals with stolen goods and contraband. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic
0x0018571F LS_Trackers02 Trackers Alliance terminals can be found in any major system, and offer bounties to any member. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185720 LS_Trackers01 The Trackers Alliance is a loosely organized bounty hunter's guild for the Settled Systems. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185721 LS_SSNN02 The Settled Systems News Network (SSNN) is the preeminent broadcast news organization in the galaxy. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185722 LS_SSNN01 SSNN has managed to remain generally unbiased and objective through multiple faction wars. It's not an easy balancing act. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185723 LS_Spacers02 Unaligned thieves and murderers are sometimes termed Spacers. They're an unorganized but very real threat while exploring. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\
0x00185724 LS_Spacers01 Spacers have no central organization or code. It's an umbrella term for all manner of miscreants. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x00185725 LS_LIST02 The League of Independent Settlers (LIST) is a very loose association of homesteaders. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185726 LS_LIST01 The Freestar Collective styles itself as the cutting edge of the frontier. But the real honor goes to LIST, who have no Rangers to protect them. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185727 LS_GalBank02 GalBank is the primary financial institution for the Settled Systems. It is an apolitical organization. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185728 LS_GalBank01 GalBank is self-funded, self-protected, and self-regulated, an incredible feat in the often tense politics of the Settled Systems. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185729 LS_LoreTimeline16 History of the Settled Systems - Sol Date: 2307
Ryujin Industries builds a name for itself by inventing neuroamps. The company then quickly branches out into many other fields.
0x0018572A LS_LoreTimeline15 History of the Settled Systems - Sol Date: 2188
Solomon Coe invites Volii to join Cheyenne in a new alliance: the Freestar Collective.
0x0018572B LS_LoreTimeline14 History of the Settled Systems - Sol Date: 2150
Scientists first predict the Earth's destruction, which significantly accelerates research and exploration.
0x0018572C LS_LoreTimeline13 History of the Settled Systems - Sol Date: 2203
Earth, the cradle of humanity, is rendered fully uninhabitable. Humanity is forced to find its future in the stars.
0x0018572D LS_LoreTimeline12 History of the Settled Systems - Sol Date: 2241
Jasper Kryx dubs his collection of ships the Crimson Fleet and starts striking UC shipping lanes.
0x0018572E LS_ColonyWar03 During the Colony War, Mechs were used to devastating effect by both sides, but the Freestar Collective's pilots proved particularly skilled. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x0018572F LS_ColonyWar02 At the end of the Colony War, an Armistice was signed forbidding Mech and Xenoweapon technology. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185730 LS_LoreTimeline11 History of the Settled Systems - Sol Date: 2308-2311
The Freestar Collective and United Colonies fight the bloody Colony War, with the Freestar Collective eventually claiming victory.
0x00185731 LS_ColonyWar01 During the Colony War, UC Admiral François Sanon ordered the bombing of Londinion to halt the city's Terrormorph outbreak. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185732 LS_UnitedColonies17 When humanity was forced to leave Earth, the colonies quickly banded together to form the United Colonies. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185733 LS_UnitedColonies16 Vae Victis is likely the only other person who knows about the Lazarus Plant... and its potential as a weapon. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185734 LS_UnitedColonies15 The United Colonies' many laws and regulations tend to the welfare of its citizens. (Some argue they have too many laws.) Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185735 LS_UnitedColonies14 The United Colonies is a stable and peaceful place to live. Many argue it is the height of civilization in the Settled Systems. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185736 LS_UnitedColonies13 The United Colonies city of Londinion was overrun by a sudden - and still unexplained - Terrormorph attack. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185737 LS_UnitedColonies12 The UC Xenowarfare team's Terrormorph data resides in the Armistice Archives and can't be accessed without agreement from the other factions. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185738 LS_UnitedColonies11 The Terrormorph sample from Tau Ceti is a match for the ones from Londinion - a world Terrormorphs destroyed. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185739 LS_UnitedColonies10 The Terrormorph attack on New Atlantis was triggered using the Lazarus Plant - causing Terrormorphs to mature instantly. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018573A LS_UnitedColonies09 The Terrormorph attack on New Atlantis has proven Hadrian's worst fears - Terrormorphs are appearing faster than ever. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018573B LS_UnitedColonies08 The Armistice Archives is the repository of all knowledge banned after the Colony War. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018573C LS_UnitedColonies07 Terrormorphs only appear on planets where humans have lived for generations... making the Tau Ceti Terrormorph even more concerning. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x0018573D LS_UnitedColonies06 Pristine New Atlantis and the industrial powerhouse Cydonia are the two largest cities in the United Colonies. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018573E LS_UnitedColonies05 No one knows how Terrormorphs have spread throughout the Settled Systems, but where they travel... death follows. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018573F LS_UnitedColonies04 Heatleeches - small, innocuous, shipborne pests - are actually immature Terrormorphs! Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\
0x00185740 LS_UnitedColonies03 Foreign pilots can fly in the United Colonies Vanguard, earning credits... as well as their citizenship. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185741 LS_UnitedColonies02 Citizenship in the United Colonies is highly coveted. Citizens are allowed to purchase a place to live and pay less for most goods. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185742 LS_UnitedColonies01 Admiral François Sanon - or "Vae Victis" - is still alive and being kept under lock and key by the United Colonies. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185743 LS_Ryujin03 Ryujin Industries has steadily diversified its interests over the years. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185744 LS_Ryujin02 Ryujin Industries' cheery corporate advertising bears little resemblance to its ruthless inner workings. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185745 LS_Ryujin01 In the cutthroat world of Neon corporate politics, Ryujin Industries has thrived. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185746 LS_Rangers03 The Freestar Rangers have a broad charter to enforce Freestar Collective law anywhere in their faction's space. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185747 LS_Rangers02 The Freestar Ranger Marshal oversees all Ranger activity throughout Freestar Collective space. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\akila\
0x00185748 LS_Rangers01 Deputy is the lowest rank in the Freestar Rangers. Deputies do not have the full power or authority of a Ranger. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185749 LS_Freestar05 With no social safety net, it is incredibly difficult for the disadvantaged in the Freestar Collective to improve their situation. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic
0x0018574A LS_Freestar04 The Freestar Collective's two major settlements are the independent-minded Akila City and the pleasure city of Neon. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018574B LS_Freestar03 The Freestar Collective relies on its Militia to protect its citizens. Though their numbers are smaller than the UC, they are a rugged lot. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018574C LS_Freestar02 The Freestar Collective prides itself on individual freedom, self-reliance and limited government. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic
0x0018574D LS_Freestar01 The Council of Governors ostensibly leads the Freestar Collective, but each territory has far more autonomy than the UC. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\akila\
0x0018574E LS_CrimsonFleet05 Unsurprising for a group of pirates, the Crimson Fleet often has internal fighting and politicking. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x0018574F LS_CrimsonFleet04 Formed by prisoners turned pirates, the Crimson Fleet has been terrorizing space for over eighty years. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185750 LS_CrimsonFleet03 Despite attempts over the years to deal with the pirates, the Crimson Fleet has always survived. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185751 LS_CrimsonFleet02 Committing piracy doesn't automatically mean you are in the Crimson Fleet. You have to earn your place. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185752 LS_Constellation05 When Walter Stroud became Constellation's primary financier in 2321, Constellation gained both resources and a powerful advocate. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185753 LS_Constellation04 Sebastian Banks, explorer and founder of Constellation, went on a deep space survey mission and was never seen again. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185754 LS_Constellation03 Although not widely known, the Clinic owes much of its success to discoveries Constellation passed on to them. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\lodge\
0x00185755 LS_Constellation02 Constellation is the only remaining organization dedicated to exploring new worlds and star systems. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185756 LS_Constellation01 Although the Lodge is in New Atlantis, Constellation is a completely neutral organization. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\lodge\
0x00185757 LS_NewAtlantis04 The heart of the United Colonies, New Atlantis is the most populous city in the Settled Systems. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185758 LS_Ashta01 The Ashta are dangerous predators that infest Akila. Akila City's walls keep its citizens safe. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185759 LS_NewAtlantis03 New Atlantis still houses an embassy for House Va'ruun despite their retreat from interaction with the rest of the Settled Systems. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018575A LS_NewAtlantis02 Although New Atlantis has a reputation as a city of prosperity, districts where the less fortunate live their lives are carefully hidden from view. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018575B LS_Neon04 The discovery of Aurora radically transformed a commercial fishing platform into the Neon we know today. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018575C LS_Neon03 Xenofresh Fisheries was originally an important source of food for the Freestar Collective before the discovery of Aurora. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0018575D LS_Neon02 Neon is known for being one of the most anarchic places in the Settled Systems. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic
0x0018575E LS_Neon01 Every vice imaginable can be found on Neon. And the Astral Lounge is the heart of it all. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic
0x0018575F LS_Cydonia04 The resources mined on Cydonia are critical to Deimos Staryard and, by extension, the United Colonies. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x00185760 LS_Cydonia03 Mining in Cydonia is not easy. It pays well, but the conditions can be brutal. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x00185761 LS_Cydonia02 Mars featured the first permanent colony outside of Earth. That colony became Cydonia. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x00185762 LS_Cydonia01 Cydonia houses important parts of the United Colonies' military-industrial complex. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185763 LS_Akila04 The Rock in Akila City is where the Council of Governors meets to run the Freestar Collective. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185764 LS_Akila03 The Core is the oldest part of Akila City. The manors of prominent families can be found there. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\akila\
0x00185765 LS_Akila02 Midtown is a bustling center of trade and manufacturing in Akila City. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185766 LS_CrimsonFleet01 After surviving a massive uprising on the Key, Delgado emerged as the new leader of the Crimson Fleet. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00185767 LS_Akila01 Akila City is the oldest settlement in the Freestar Collective. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x00185768 LS_Stealth01 The slower you move, the less likely enemies are to hear you. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x001928C7 LS_CombatDocking You cannot board an enemy ship if there are other enemies engaging you in combat. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001B2D50 LS_LocalTime Every planet experiences its own local time. If it's midnight on Jemison, it will not be midnight on Akila, for example. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\akila\
0x001C35BA LS_LoreTimeline01 History of the Settled Systems - Sol Date: 2161
The United Colonies issues the Centaurus Proclamation, thereby formalizing the open colonization of distant worlds.
0x001CEDAA LS_CreatureTerrormorph No one is entirely sure where the alien creature nicknamed the "Terrormorph" originated, but its species has spread throughout the Settled Systems... leaving death in its wake. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001CFEF1 LS_GeneralGameplay03 The difficulty of a ship combat encounter can be greatly affected by two factors: the number of ships you're facing, and their classes. If you're overwhelmed or outclassed, you can always run away by grav jumping to another star system. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001D1A83 LS_FactionUniitedColonies01 New Atlantis is the capital of the United Colonies. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001DA271 LS_Skill63 The Special Projects skill allows you to research experimental, never-before-seen weapon and equipment mods, chems, and outpost modules. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x001DA272 LS_Crafting01 Completing research projects at a Research Lab unlocks new crafting recipes. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001DA273 LS_Crafting02 You can make progress towards completing a research project as long as you have at least some of the required components. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001DA274 LS_Crafting03 There's a small chance of having a sudden development each time you contribute components to a research project, which can reduce the number of components necessary to complete the project. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001DA275 LS_Crafting04 Installing a weapon or equipment mod will destroy any mod already installed in the same slot. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x001DA276 LS_Crafting05 Up to four different mods can be installed on a spacesuit or space helmet at once at a Spacesuit Workbench. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x001DA277 LS_Crafting06 Modifying your weapon at a Weapon Workbench can dramatically alter its appearance and capabilities. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x001DA278 LS_Crafting07 Medicine essential for offworld survival can be created at a Pharmaceutical Lab. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001DA279 LS_Crafting08 Manufactured components are used when building outpost modules and certain weapon and equipment mods. They can be created at an Industrial Workbench, or by a Fabricator in an outpost. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x001DA27A LS_Crafting09 Everything from basic sustenance to gourmet delicacies can be created at a Cooking Station. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x001DEE06 LS_GeneralGameplay04 Boosting during a space battle not only gives you a sudden burst of speed - it also breaks an enemy's target lock on your ship. It can be advantageous to save your boost for when you tactically need it. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001E6852 LS_FastTravel01 Once you discover a location, you can use your map to fast travel back to it. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001E685D LS_NewAtlantis01 The MAST District of New Atlantis is named after the monumental structure that serves as headquarters for the Military, Administrative and Scientific Triumvirate. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001E7760 LS_Companion01 Your companions are just like you - they have wants, needs, priorities, responsibilities, and sometimes... ulterior motives. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001E87C1 LS_GeneralGameplay05 If a space battle isn't going your way and your ship is about to be destroyed, you can repair it directly from your cockpit... so long as you have the Ship Parts to do so. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001E87C2 LS_GeneralGameplay06 If you're losing a space battle, you can grav jump away to another star system. The trick is deciding which systems to power down so you can power up your Grav Drive. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001E87C3 LS_GeneralGameplay07 If you need to flee a space battle by jumping to another star system, important quest-related enemy ships will always remain behind so you can return to finish the fight. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001E884D LS_GeneralGameplay09 When crafting, components can be used from both your personal inventory and your ship's cargo hold, regardless of distance. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\outpost\
0x001F6D96 LS_Combat01 When badly wounded, an enemy will often continue fighting, but at significantly reduced effectiveness. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001F6D97 LS_ShipCombat01 Boarding a hostile ship requires taking their engine offline. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\
0x001F6D9C LS_Crime01 Each faction in the Settled Systems tracks the crimes committed in their territory. Break the law, and be prepared to pay - with credits, time in prison, or your life. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x001F6D9D LS_GeneralGameplay01 Dislike the way you look? Just visit any Enhance! clinic, found in the major cities of the Settled Systems, and you can be on your way to a brand new you. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001F6DA4 LS_Stealth03 Running is noisier than walking and makes you easier to detect. To effectively sneak, stay low and slow. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x001F6DA9 LS_Weapons02Sidestar The Allied Armaments Sidestar, while manufactured in the United Colonies, is actually one of the most popular small-caliber handguns in all of the Settled Systems. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x001F6DC6 LS_aaCharGenLoad Argos Extractors is one of the many small, independent mining companies operating in the Settled Systems, but they've been known to dig deeper - and more dangerously - than their competitors. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x001F9612 LS_ChemsAurora Aurora is a powerful psychotropic chem produced in the city of Neon from the secretions of the chasmbass, a fish native to the planet Volii Alpha. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic
0x00226390 LS_Smuggling05 An unscrupulous Starport Master on Porrima III is rumored to sell ships and modules with Shielded Cargo space. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00226391 LS_Smuggling06 Crimson Fleet ships often have Shielded Cargo modules installed. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x0028A6A2 LS_Skill23a Higher ranks of the Gymnastics skill can increase your speed in Zero-G, replenish 02 after mantling, and even increase your jump height. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\dungeon\
0x0028A6A3 LS_Ship40 Your ship's scanner reveals detailed information about your current target's class and systems. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\landscape\
0x0028A6A4 LS_Ship42 The higher a ship's class, the more effective it generally is in combat. If you encounter one or more enemy ships at a higher class than yours, it's probably a good idea to grav jump away to safety. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x0028A6A5 LS_Ship43 You can grav jump away in the middle of a space battle if things aren't going your way. Just remember, you may need to take energy away from some critical systems in order to power up the grav drive. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\space\
0x00298F17 LS_Planet32 While exploring an alien planet or moon, be sure to enter any caves you discover. They generally contain the most valuable minerals. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
0x002E21B3 LS_Consumables_01 When you consume several food items, drinks, or chems with the same kind of effect, only the item with the strongest effect will be applied. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\
FExxx045 PEO_GameplayOptions Want to tweak the game's combat damage, aim assist, afflictions, carry capacity, and more? Visit the "Gameplay Options" section in the Settings Menu. Data\textures\interface\loadscreens\generic\general\