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Achievements are awards given to the player for accomplishing various milestones in the game.

Image Name Description
SF-achievement-A Legacy Forged.jpg A Legacy Forged Complete “A Legacy Forged”
SF-achievement-All That Money Can Buy.jpg All That Money Can Buy Complete “All That Money Can Buy”
SF-achievement-Entangled.jpg Entangled Complete “Entangled”
SF-achievement-Executive Level.jpg Executive Level Complete “Executive Level”
SF-achievement-Further Into the Unknown.jpg Further Into the Unknown Complete “Further Into the Unknown”
SF-achievement-Guilty Parties.jpg Guilty Parties Complete “Guilty Parties”
SF-achievement-High Price to Pay.jpg High Price to Pay Complete “High Price to Pay”
SF-achievement-In Their Footsteps.jpg In Their Footsteps Complete “In Their Footsteps”
SF-achievement-Into the Unknown.jpg Into the Unknown Complete “Into the Unknown”
SF-achievement-Legacy's End.jpg Legacy’s End Complete “Legacy’s End”
SF-achievement-One Giant Leap.jpg One Giant Leap Complete “One Giant Leap”
SF-achievement-Surgical Strike.jpg Surgical Strike Complete “Surgical Strike”
SF-achievement-The Best There Is.jpg The Best There Is Complete “The Best There Is”
SF-achievement-The Devils You Know.jpg The Devils You Know Complete “The Devils You Know”
SF-achievement-The Hammer Falls.jpg The Hammer Falls Complete “The Hammer Falls”
SF-achievement-Unearthed.jpg Unearthed Complete “Unearthed”
SF-achievement-Dust Off.jpg Dust Off Reach Level 5
SF-achievement-Traveler.jpg Traveler Reach Level 10
SF-achievement-Elite.jpg Elite Reach Level 25
SF-achievement-Space Opera.jpg Space Opera Reach Level 50
SF-achievement-Reach for the Stars.jpg Reach for the Stars Reach Level 100
SF-achievement-Back to the Grind.jpg Back to the Grind Join Ryujin Industries
SF-achievement-Deputized.jpg Deputized Join the Freestar Rangers
SF-achievement-One Small Step.jpg One Small Step Join Constellation
SF-achievement-Rook Meets King.jpg Rook Meets King Join the Crimson Fleet
SF-achievement-Supra et Ultra.jpg Supra et Ultra Join the UC Vanguard
SF-achievement-For All, Into the Starfield.jpg For All, Into the Starfield Enter Space for the First Time
SF-achievement-Home Sweet Home.jpg Home Sweet Home Build an Outpost
SF-achievement-Shipping Magnate.jpg Shipping Magnate Connect 5 Outposts with Cargo Links
SF-achievement-I Use Them For Smuggling.jpg I Use Them For Smuggling Successfully Smuggle Contraband (Pass a contraband scan)
SF-achievement-Chief Engineer.jpg Chief Engineer Modify a Ship
SF-achievement-Fleet Commander.jpg Fleet Commander Collect 10 Ships
SF-achievement-Another Bug Hunt.jpg Another Bug Hunt Eliminate 300 Creatures
SF-achievement-Boots on the Ground.jpg Boots on the Ground Land on 100 Planets
SF-achievement-The Stars My Destination.jpg The Stars My Destination Visit all Star Systems
SF-achievement-Stellar Cartography.jpg Stellar Cartography Visit 20 Star Systems
SF-achievement-Cyber Jockey.jpg Cyber Jockey Bypass 50 Digital Locks
SF-achievement-Dark Matter.jpg Dark Matter Eliminate 300 Human Enemies
SF-achievement-Fixer.jpg Fixer Complete 30 Activities
SF-achievement-Privateer.jpg Privateer Complete 30 Terminal or Misc. Missions
SF-achievement-Industrialist.jpg Industrialist Produce 500 Total Resources from Outposts
SF-achievement-Jacked In.jpg Jacked In Access 50 Computers
SF-achievement-Life Begets Life.jpg Life Begets Life Gather 500 Organic Resources
SF-achievement-Replicator.jpg Replicator Craft 100 Items
SF-achievement-Rock Collection.jpg Rock Collection Gather 500 Inorganic Resources
SF-achievement-Soldier of Fortune.jpg Soldier of Fortune Mod 50 Weapons
SF-achievement-Thirst for Knowledge.jpg Thirst for Knowledge Read 20 Skill Magazines
SF-achievement-War of Angels.jpg War of Angels Collect 20 Quantum Essence
SF-achievement-The Family You Choose.jpg The Family You Choose Recruit 10 Separate Companions
SF-achievement-Starcrossed.jpg Starcrossed Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion (Commitment Completed)