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This is the start of the Starfield wiki by the UESP. Please note that this wiki is in a very early stage of development, and many things are still being set up!

This site's purpose is to provide information; therefore, most of the content contains spoilers.

We are currently maintaining 97 articles.


Latest News[edit]

Todd Howard Discusses Starfield in IGN Interview — June 14, 2022[edit]

Starfield Gameplay Reveal — June 12, 2022[edit]

Starfield Delayed — May 12, 2022[edit]

Into the Starfield - The Sound of Adventure Released — April 26, 2022[edit]

Into the Starfield - Made for Wanderers Released — March 16, 2022[edit]

Painting a Journey Through Space Video Released With Giveaway — February 19, 2022[edit]

Into the Starfield - The Endless Pursuit Released — November 30, 2021[edit]

Bethesda Releases Multiple Videos Introducing Major Locations — August 27, 2021[edit]

Bethesda Begins Video Series on StarfieldJune 14, 2021[edit]

Starfield Teaser Trailer Released — June 13, 2021[edit]

Starfield Officially Announced — June 10, 2018[edit]

Starfield Trademarked — March 22, 2013[edit]

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Current Featured Article[edit]

Starfield:Concept Art
A Mysterious Planet

Concept Art provides references for how the finished game should look. A few pieces of concept art have also been released to help advertise the game. (more...)

Current Featured Image[edit]

A ship traveling faster than light

Did You Know...[edit]

  • ... that Starfield was originally trademarked on March 22, 2013?

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